JST PH 2.0 Vendor?

Banggood is having a sale on Excellway 100 piece JST PH 2.0 connectors.

Has anyone tried them? I’m looking to stock up in bulk and want decent quality ones.

may not be a bad idea if they are on sale… id say pick up one or two just to have them. You can never have enough connectors… srsly lol cant tell u how many times ive been like “crap, shouldn’t have thrown that away!” “man i really wish i had one of these connectors” or something of that nature. They may be a little cheaper on the silicone and may not last as long as a quality connector.

if you are looking for QUALITY stuff, benedikt also carries a variety of connectors that are extremely useful. especially those alien receiver cables

Edit: i was only able to find female on mmw.

but hopefully it is helpful. The quality of wire benedikt has is usually outstanding. very easy to work with, and doesn’t melt away on itself as you are trying to solder to it.

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Digikey is your friend. They have basically everything if you’re willing to crimp it yourself.