[job offer] - cartoonist, to illustrate a children school book about micro FPV


I have recently been contacted by members of the regional home schooling system, to teach their kids about electronics. To prepare for that, I have decided to write a book, titled

ELI5: Wireless Communication for Children
“Explain it like I’m 5!” - Fascinate, motivate, educate! Teaching wireless communcation by building, maintaining and operating remote controlled FPV (first person view) vehicles.

Books for children need illustrations. Im not very good at drawing…
I need a cartoonist who understands micro FPV!
Now before I go searching someone on the free market, I would like to ping the fine members of this forum in respect to this opportunity.

If you are good and quick at drawing cartoons, you may apply for this job by replying with a sample of your work. Draw a dude with goggles and transmitter who is flying a micro FPV quad around the park.
Scan, attach, reply!

I need someone does this with and for the passion. It will take a few weeks. Or maybe months.
Payment in hard dollars or micro quad parts :wink:

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If you know someone who might fit here, but (s)he is not on this forum (yet), you may post her/his work here, or pass on our email address support@mmw.rocks!


@Benedikt: What a cool project! Wish I had any graphical talent to offer. :blush:

I hope you make the book available beyond your regional home schooling system! :grin:

I’ve been mulling the idea of starting a micro quad extracurricular/after school group at my kids’ elementary and/or middle school. Other than what the Flite Test guys have on offer, I’m not aware of any relevant teaching materials. Your book would be further motivation and inspiration.


Hi Benedikt,

I would be very interested in assisting you with your project. I have been involved with the FPV Community for a number of years now and run the Facebook page FPV Buddy Melbourne (Facebook name Robbie Bob). I am an ex-primary school teacher and also an writting/illustrating my own children’s story books hoping to either be picked up by a printing firm or I will go independent, still to decide that one. And don’t stress, they have nothing to do with drones.
I have also been lucky enough to win a few graphic design competitions that were run by other Facebook groups and also one from Armattan Quads. I would love to chat with you further about your project and what your ideas are. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via my email, or Facebook PM (Robbie Bob). I am more than happy to send you through some of my other work or draw something more topical.

Sounds like a great project that I would love to assist with bringing to life. Hope to hear from you.



This is a quick sketch that I did once I got home from work. I apologise, it is rough and not polished but let me know if you have any other ideas that you may want to see.


That is excellent Rob, I see a lot of potential here.
I will get in touch over Messenger!


I dig the Jelle Bakker look! :sunglasses:


Cheers mate. Was just a quick sketch


Sorry but I have to ask, is that me?? :joy:
If so, you did a really good job! :wink: :+1:
(and if not, still a good job obviously, lol)


Nah man just a quick sketch I did up :rofl::rofl:. I also have done some logos for other people, clubs and Facebook groups.