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Jjrc h62 selfie drone


What’s up guys new to the form. Kinda new to drones.

Just purchased a jjrc h62 and was curious about changing frames/shell to something carbon fiber or stronger. What would be some suggestions. I don’t know where to start.

I picked it up really cheap considering they are 80+ I found it for 35$ which is what I think it should be priced at.


jjrc h62, had to google that. Is this it?


it’s one of those awkward thingies. Do you fly it with a controller or is it like a phone wifi thing?
I don’t think this is really suitable for upgrading or turning into an FPV racer, but what I’d do is open her up to see what kind of components are in there. What motors, etc. This determines what frame you can use. Looks like it’s brushed and geared. But as it is not tune-able you are kinda limited. I wouldn’t recommend modding it or spending a lot on it, just fly and have some fun with it I say! :slight_smile:


Yeah you fly it with your phone. The reason I would like a different frame because well the one it comes with it’s flimsy and cheap. And maybe there’s a frame that would work with it. I’m kinda confused