It's so tiny I couldn't resist - Eachine Tiny 32bits

Just saw this

23mm X 19mm and 2g with an F3
How could I not order one :stuck_out_tongue:
This one will corner the whoop market potentially.


Curious to see how you like it, almost got that one too. Lemme know how it works out.

Was also looking at this one…

I’ve got one of those. Not done much with it apart from sticking the super cheap redcon dsmx sat on and some right angle headers and sticking it in a picnicquads 120 polycarb h with 8.5mm chaolis. With a rough tune it flys pretty well. It’s almost twice the size of the tiny one though. It’s gonna be a while until I have it to try out.

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wow, what a dodgy solder job on the photo model…

good luck, let us know if/how it works :wink:

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I’ve been running the Evo F3 for a week or so and I love it. No issues. I have lemonRx sat with it. Mounted in a Carbon H currently running clear Hubsan’s. I would definitely buy this over the Scisky, just keep in mind you need a seperate RX. I also have a buzzer attached. I’ve been flying horizon and a bit of acro… very responsive.

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Interesting size board forsure. The measurements are perfect for sitting on top of the battery bay on the new E010.

I am new to the separate Rx (all the DSMs?) requirements. What would be the best bet (cheapest/lightest) to bind this to a Deviated Devo?

Yeah, whats up with that choice of picture? :worried:

ha ha, was thinking the same thing!

It’s stunning isn’t it @Benedikt sometimes I wonder if they even look at these pics before using them on the website. That’s where the cheapness comes from.

Where do you attach an buzzer on this tiny thing? Or are you talking about “the other” evo f3 brushed?

I think I spotted 2 pads on the back that could be for a buzzer, it’s not mentioned in the specs on bg.

@las I was talking about the other F3 linked above…

I also have this Eachine F3 board coming…

Well mines in the post already, hope it’s not the one from the photo shoot! Another complete E010 one the way too so I’ll stick it in that first, probably with the redcon dsmx sat.

On the subject of tiny see what Banggood have just announced.

Mine arrived today, not the one from the pictures, whoever soldered this one had working eyes and soldering skills :stuck_out_tongue:
It fits into the frame of the E010, sitting down on top of the battery cage as @Soulsmoke thought. With a sat on top and a split fx798 with linear dipole it’s going to make a super low profile whoopalike.
It really is tiny, nearly half the size of a Scisky and only 2g absolutely asking for some interesting ultralight builds. Doesn’t seem to have buzzer pads, there’s a 5v and GND set of pads but no mention of regulation so maybe ok for fpv, will have to test.


Very interested to hear how you like it.

I also ordered one out of curiosity.
Doesn’t look that bad.
Here are some pics. Funny how big the lemon rx looks in relation to the FC.

No power lead installed yet.

Unfortunately my two ordered E010s were sent back to BG because of unsuccessful delivery … don’t know why. F…k🙈.
Will see what I’ll do with it n the meantime.


Awesome stuff @Chaotix. I’m really looking forward to your first impressions of performance with this FC, keep us posted!
I’ll be placing some orders if I see a :thumbsup:.

Which LemonRX satellite is that? How come it doesn’t have the 3-pin plug on it like mine does?

It’s the usual dsmx sat.
I desoldered the plug and soldered wires directly.
You can solder on the plug pads or on the pads on the side. Don’t know if you can also use the pads under the plug pads.

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The motor sockets are a tight squeeze to fit, especially the one by the voltage regulator. And, once again nobody thought about the symmetry of the sockets, a sure sign of cheap boards. Aliens, Multiflites and other well designed boards shine in this aspect.