Issues with Horizon mode on betafpv 65s

First post, but I’ve been reading on here forever.

I enjoy my betafpv 65s, buzzing around in angle mode, but I’ve been trying to get used to the Horizon mode for about a month now and it just won’t function properly (IMO).

I’ve tried it with both the stock PIDs out of the box, and with the Project Mockingbird PIDs. I’ve adjusted RX expo, removed, added, nothing helps there either.

Angle mode is PERFECT! Horizon just desides to drift badly and seemingly not respond to stick commands at times and just dive into the floor or wall at some weird pitched angle.

I started out this hobby a few months ago on a King Kong Tiny 7 and flew in Horizon mode exclusively with it without any issue at all. It’s shown to be impossible to have consistent flights in horizon mode with this betafpv.

Could it be I may have had a weak motor this whole time or something? I’m trying to narrow this down.

I’m considering ordering good 6mm motors and frame (this one is busted from all of my Horizon attempts) and try getting used to it from there/seeing it it helps.


Try enabling horizon expert mode. It’s better code.

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I have seen that in a cli dump… how do you enable that. I havent actually seen a switch inside the bf config. To enable it.

It enables on the cli.

set whateveritscalled = ON

It’s also worth a bit or research on the parameters to adjust it. I’m not sure why the default parameters were created in such a hard to understand way … but there is a formula to convert the value of the variable which adjusts expert mode to a meaningful angle. In stock form it levels almost all the way to 180 degrees inverted. I’d suggest pulling leveling back to somewhere closer like below 90 degrees. That way you can go into a dive or a knife edge and it will hold like acro. You really only need a little leveling in the angles below 90 degrees. Imho. Everything just before 90 and beyond I like acro behavior. Anyway, if you’re interested I can look at the code again to figure out how to make sense at adjusting it. I used part of horizon expert mode as a template when I coded my racemode experiment. There is a good bit of that code that’s pretty awesome… and some that’s kinda meh… but it’s better than standard horizon mode.

Wow. interesting. I will play with turning it on this weekend when I have time. I would also be curious on your adventures with it also. Im sure once you turn it on it unlocks all sorts of new code. You can change angle as you said, and probably a hand full of other things that may be helpful and hurtful… I definitely want the freedom in dives… trying to do them now I can get it into a nice dive, but once my input changes slightly the self leveling aspect kicks in and the video looks sketchy… I just cant wait to have a nice soft grassy field to play in this spring to start mastering acro. (I know its spring in the rest of usa… but your summer will be our spring up here in mn… 8 in of snow in the forecast this weekend)

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