Is there any onboard way to record my FPV video?

I have a runcam micro swift 2 on my micro. Is there any way to record the video on it to an external SD on the quadcopter (to have zero breakup) without lag in my FPV feed?

I know I could stick an HD cam on, but I was looking for a lighter solution, like just the SD card and converter from the video wire.

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Easy option- runcam split
Harder(more expensive)- buy a new FC that has sd card backup.
Even harder(more complicated)- wire a dvr into the camera signal, and that should work…

So I guess I’ll go for the third option to save weight and money haha!

Will an Eachine ProDVR work? I have one wired to my googles, but I could easily wire that to my quadcopter. Will that introduce lag or static in my FPV feed?

It shouldn’t, but I’d still be cautious. What quad are you planning to put it on? Anything under an overpowered 3” may be risky, imo. Have you noticed any lag in your feed? It’d be hard to tell w/o a comparison, but if it is lagging, it’s probably because of all the places the signal has to pass through.
Edit— @ 9.5g, it would probably be okay on almost any quad…

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It’s an overpowered 3 inch micro, but I’m going to have to be inventive on where to put it. I have no room at all right now…

I just ordered one of these dvrs to put on my attitude goggles, the page says only 5g incl the case which you can take off.

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You could maybe put it on the opposite side of the battery. May help distribute the weight…

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