Is there an updated Benedikt Voice Pack for Taranis?


So I recently updated my Taranis to the latest firmware and it seems to have messed up the voice pack only slightly. For example on my timer when Ben would warn me “One Minute”, he now just says “One”. Im wondering if they changed the firmware a bit and if there is an updated voice pack I am missing?

@Benedikt do you know?


Whoa!!! This is a thing? How do I get the @Benedikt Voice Pack!!!


Check it out here: :wink:

Scott, did you upgrade to v2.1 or later? I’m not up to date with OpenTX versions, but I know that my X9E runs 2.1, and I had similar problems. The file structure for the audio is different between 2.0 and 2.1+.


HA HA, AWESOME! Thanks Mane!


I updated to 2.1.8. I can’t remember what version I was on prior. I had a feeling they changed the folder structure.


Yeah… I think it will require quite a bit of work to migrate the voice pack from 2.0 to 2.1. Primarily renaming, but probably also some additional recording as new commands have been added.
If someone would like to volunteer for the time consuming admin part, Id be happy to do the missing recordings.


The list of tracks for OpenTX 2.1 is here:

It was pretty simple to update Mia’s voicepack, but it definitely was more than a little work. You can compare the track list to the OpenTX 2.0 version so it’s easy to rename:

For whoever takes this on, note that you have to export at 32,000kHz 16bit, not higher, not lower.

Good luck and let me know if you need pointers!


Not gonna lie, a benedikt voice pack would be crazy chill. Is this available for any spektrum transmitters with voice telemetry or is it just taranis only at the moment?


Glad you guys have fun with that :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not aware of any other TX with customisable voice commands.
My project list is so full that refreshing the voice pack or converting it into other formats (such as OpenTX 2.1+) has taken a back seat. But if anyone want to do the admin part, you are welcome to use the existing recordings for that, and I will also be happy to recording missing (or other) snippets if you make me a list.
Just be warned, it’s a lot of audio editing, renaming and testing work to create a complete voice pack.


Ahhh i see, i didnt know how much work went into setting up something like that! Very cool though man.


I can truly relate here. Its gotten out of hand to be completely honest.


@Benedikt, I have hopes of reviving this. With the imminent release of OpenTX 2.2.0, it would be great to get this voicepack ready. If I get you a list of the missing/revised tracks, would you still be willing to record them for me? I can cut them down, trim, and package them.

I’m checking with lazd to make sure I can use his work as a base, since the licensing isn’t clear and I see that they’re charging for the Mia pack, so I want to make sure this is done in the open. I don’t have any interest in charging and would like to do it in an open fashion using github, etc.


To expand on this a little, I started the github project:

So far, I’ve gone through the files in the 1.0.1 Benedikt voicepack and compared them to the files needed for 2.2.x. Files that need renaming have been renamed, and the missing voices are tracked in the (shown on the main github page). I’ve created a scripts/ folder, but these should be taken as rough drafts. I’d really appreciate it if somebody would take a moment to compare the contents of these scripts with the spreadsheet to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Here’s hoping I get lazd’s permission to use his work, and Benedikt’s willingness to record a few more sounds.


Awesome, Nice work. I’ve starred and watched on git-hub… I’m going to take a look and If I have any time coming up I’d be glad to help in anyway.

[EDIT] Love This…

…And I knew it was a keeper when I turned on my Taranis and my wife said, “You are so weird.”


Glad to see you guys still being amused enough with that voice pack to put some elbow grease in :wink:
Yeah, give me a list - happy record whatever you need!


Thanks @Benedikt. List sent via PM.

The required ones for 2.2.0 are at and

I added some “bonus” requests in

2.2.0 was released, and the only changes to the voicepack spreadsheet were punctuation, so this should be good to go (other than errors of omission).


Sorry for taking so long guys!
Got something for you here:

Also recorded the video of that for your entertainment :wink:


Freakin’ awesome. Gonna have to rock this!!!


Totally missed that you did this! Thank you so much! Guess I have some work to do.


Status Update: I’ve cut all the sound files @Benedikt was kind enough to record, normalized them as best as I was able to match the previous recordings, and have named everything correctly.

In other words, the 2.2-compatible Benedikt voicepack is ready for some testers. Instructions are right on that page (or in the file).

Try it out. If you find an issue or have an idea for improvement, please consider reporting it directly on the github issues page. (Better yet! Fix it and send me a pull request!) If that’s too much work, feel free to mention it here, as well.

I could really use some help expanding on the installation instructions, so feel free to suggest phrasing on the “readme” or to write up some better instructions.

I’m hoping to get a few others to say “ok, this works well” and then I’ll announce on reddit.