Is the VTX03 the same dimensions as the TX02?

I’m designing a mount for my VTX03, which hasn’t come in yet. But I do have a fried Eachine TX02 transmitter. Are they the same dimensions, so I can use my fried board for dimensions?

Tmk, they are not the same dimensions… I have both tx02 (favorite AIO) and vtx03, I believe the vtx03 board is a bit wider and longer than the dimensions of the tx02

Aw too bad… Guess I’ll have to guess some dimensions from their specs and redesign when it comes in.

Tx02 13mm tall x 18mm wide, vtx03 is about 16mm tall x 20mm wide

Thanks! Can you give me one more measurement?

How thick is the VTX03 on the number display side and how thick is it on the non-number display side?

16.78mm tall, 19.5mm wide, 6.04mm thick (measured from from LCD screen to channel button , those were the tallest points for thickness.) good luck! Please post what u make, would love to see it!

That is without including the antenna portion tho, that square potion adds adds another 5.45mm to the height, and is 5.5mm long.

So 16.78mm tall, 19.5mm wide, and 6.04mm thick for the main part, and then the little square part of the board where the antenna clicks in measure to 5.45 tall, and 5.5mm wide.

Thanks a lot!

I will CAD it up and post a picture.

This is what I have so far. It fits the micro Swift 2 with a 30 degree uptilt. Just need to mod some dimensions for the VTX03.

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Looks good! Any chance you’ll post the files? Thingiverse? BTW, what frame is it? Thanks

Sure! I’ll post it as soon as it’s done. The camera/VTX guards are optional, but I’m going for as light as possible so less than 2g for the cam and vtx mount and less than 2g for the optional Cam/VTX guards.

I think it’s the Usmile 112mm frame for 30xx props and 11xx or 13xx motors. There is also a clone on banggood I think that goes under a different name. Eyas maybe?

Camera mount is done. The VTX03 and Runcam MicroSwift 2 stay in place without zip ties, but I left room to stick a zip tie for extra security if needed.

Mount weighs a mere 1g and optional protectors weight 1g each and are super durable.

I just need to extend the optional roll guards then I’ll post the files to thingiverse.