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Is the Taranis Module Bad?


NotFastEnuf said that he thinks that this module has limited range and does not remember TX model settings. He was hoping someone on the forums had more info before I just go with a Frsky Nano for SBUS on my silverware board.

Has anyone used this module who can confirm that this module is bad?

Multi-protocol TX module latency

It’s simply a ripoff from Goebish’s module.
It has no external antenna that’s the reason for low range.
And there is no easy way to update the firmware on it.


Okay. Thanks!


Yeah no external antenna, no amplifier, no range.
It’d be fine for in the house stuff, but not a field.


IMHO - This is the only way to go

Using DSMX mode, I get no less range than with my DX6i radio.
Using Bangyang mode, I can get up to 3/4 football field before the telemetry tells me lo RSSI.