Is it worth desoldering the motor connectors to lighten build for 615 whoop

E011 brain
615 19000kv motors biblade props
Propel frame
Cm275 aio
Makefire hood
Eachine 260mah (ordering some lighter batts. These weigh 7grams a piece)
Retarded long mountin screws
The whoop needs some tuning, on pitch and roll, when i blip the throttle the front right motor lifts faster. And when batt is low it gets real bad. Need to shave a lil more weight.
She can’t recover from a flip without bouncing off the ground.
Lighten build ideas
Desolder motor connectors and plugs trim excess wire. ( I’m thinking that straight wire would be better than these connectors for the motors. Less resistance)
Ordering lighter batts
Gonna trim the hood for a closer fit to the frame.
Shorten mounting screws?

Are you using nfe silverware ? My experience it that that is already tuned pretty good and does not cause much unstability.

If your front right lifts faster i would first check for a bad motor rear left (shuffle the motors 180 degrees around and check if the behavior is the same) or unbalanced props (did you cut the biblades yourself?)

A lighter AUW will always be beneficial to handling but it is always a tradeoff between ease of repairability and weight.

What’s current weight with and without battery? Also, for 6mm builds, you can go with 205mah or max 250 mah lihv’s. Did you try 4 blades and does it work better? And if one motor is problematic, all other 3 will work slower (all 4 works as the slowest one)

@Edwin Nfe silverware running props in but it’s the 716 tune. Not sure how different they are tune wise.
I’ll do the motor swap idea.
The trade off yes I wanna loose all the weight I can b4 modifying frame. I had an e011 frame I butchered 1.5gs off of. It only lasted a few more flights after that.
@silverAG. 20 gs empty and 27gs with lipo. Yes sir I was lookin at some 205mah. Props came from Kados store as well as the motors. I have some I have cut down and balance by running a drill bit through.( I wish I could remember who here suggested a needle or drill bit through prop for balancing. Props to that dude.) But haven’t used them yet. I watched a comparison video of 2,3 and 4 blade props. The biblades only beat the quad blades off the line but where nanoseconds apart at the finish. I love the sound of the biblades. I’m a sound nerd, I just love the sound of motors slowly spoiling up Like this
Motors are just resistors?

I think it is a bit heavy… 27g with battery is a bit too much for 6x15. But still - could be bad battery - these are Eachines that come with E011? They are OK but not spectacular… try some Lihv’s like GNB or, much better, They should give good power. But check motors first. There are several ways to do it - try with short and low throttle blip on the ground and check does all motors stop spinning roughly at the same time or one of them stops before other and inspect that one…

Yes sir a lil to heavy. No I bought some aftermarket eachine lipos with a higher c rating. But I agree they’re like two years old now.
I also have 4 mobula7 hvs, and 4 akk hvs definitely More power you can hear it when they spool up. (Sound nerd) for about the first minute. But they weigh the same so by the end of the pack the voltage sag is noticeable. Thinking about trying out a couple Lumineers and a couple of the mylipos.
I usually blow on the motors instead of low-mid throttle blips. Never actually thought to do that honestly. Even when the kwads on I blow on the props and judge the stop speed. Oh and the sound lolz. II 'll swap motor tonight if problem stick with the motor I’ll swap to some different props

2 year lipos really can be problematic + maybe even motor is “off” too… Blowing method is OK - I am using it often too - low throttle is better because you can compare all 4 in the same time - but you need to be on 100% flat surface to have them spin equally and you give little throttle until all four spins and then turn throttle off and check which one stops faster than others…
Swaping motors is good too - you’ll see does it cause dips…

The lipos seem fine still discharging 230mah. They’re from the level mode days before I learned about silverware. Yeah matching speed motors is more accurate. Thanx for that.
Maybe it’s not a motor lifting more but another dropping off early. Hmm gotta make some time to swap motors around