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Ipex/UFL Male vs Female connector


I read that the IPEX/UFL female connector only is rated for 30 mating cycles.

Wikipedia says that the male side is normal PCB mounted and the female side is the pigtail, but when I searched for male/female UFL connectors, it seemed to be showing the female UFL connectors as the ones on our VTX03 antennas. This would mean that once our antenna pops off enough times we’d have to replace the entire VTX03 board or directly solder on the antenna.

Does anyone know if the VTX03 antennas have a male or female connector on them because mine has popped off at least 15 times and I just bought a CP antenna for my VTX03 and need to decide whether or not to replace the entire board and hot glue the antenna in place.



I’ve never seen a pcb with a female ipex antenna connector, the vtx03 has the male side on it.
I’ve always lost the antennas before they wore out, personally.


Connectors are funny this way. The term male or female can refer to the pin rather than the connector housing. With the U.FL connector, slide some heat shrink over the antenna before plugging it in then slide the heat shrink over the connection if it is like the ones I have the board sticks out where it connects and you should be able to slide the heat shrink over the board at the connector and that will keep it from popping off (I looked at this Vtx03 and the heat shrink should work fine). Alternately, if it is not like that hot glue the connection and that should help it last a little longer. I do not think you would need to direct solder since the Female side of the connection is the part that wears out and I have pinched the edges of them on ones I have to get them to fit snug again. I prefer direct solder myself but in the case of a clover leaf they use this connector so that the antenna does not get totally beat to crap and when crashing with force will pop off rather than destroy the clover. I have ditched clovers for the dipole myself due to the fragility of micro Clovers which are skimpily built to save weight but also makes them very fragile. If you are not flying far away a dipole will save you a lot of frustration. Either way it is a good idea to reinforce the connection of the antenna where it meets the board. All my AIO get the heat shrink over the connection and most are dipole vs the clover.