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Indoor micro season


Hi there! As winter approaches, the appeal of indoor micro drones rises dramatically. I created this thread to show off our indoor micro builds, brushed and brushless. (Moderators is this okay? I know there is a specific show us your builds thread, but I’d like to reserve this for indoor micros and micro build tips.) So show us your builds!!!


My current favorite build is the falcon multirotors tinyshark. It’s quiet, runs off my whoop packs, and is brushless!!

It can also run outdoors pretty well, but I have the most fun with it indoors. Can run 2s as well! I strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an alternative to a brushless whoop. I feel that it might run better than one too. Lazd (the designer) created some awesome prop guards for it too! Tinyfish fc, 5a cicada 16x16 esc, racerstar 1103 motors, and a regular whoop AIO camera.


also recently built a alienwhoop, it was great to have a full range receiver in it!


one thing with micros (1s in paticular with ph2.0) I learned is to put some heatshrink on the conector and wire. Looks clean, and keeps the wire from coming off.


whats your 1s flight times like had how much does it weigh?


on a 260hv i’m getting 3-4 min aggressively, and 4-5 with chill cruising. On a 550 i’m getting around 4 min aggressively, but my 550s have horrid voltage sag so I don’t know what the times would be with a good battery. without battery its 42g no battery but it has tons of extras that I could remove to shave down weight. Can run 2s as well! flys great though. Recovers well. I should probably get new batteries but am a little preoccupied at the moment with my custom taranis building.


Got my whoop and working out the setup with Mockingbird settings. Made a box out of Tupperware, floor mat foam and hot glue.

I am also picking up a Taranis X-lite and FXT Viper goggles so I can use them on the sims.


@SinisterLefty I love my X-lite you won’t be sorry about the purchase :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity how many of us in the community are conformal coating our indoor whoops?


I keep hearing mixed reviews.


I think the big thing is if you like the size of the transmitter I’ve heard most of the complaints revolve around the gimbals travel distance. I’ve also been looking a lot at the Jumper T8SG v2 transmitters I like the idea of hall sensors my only complaint about the X-lite is the gimbals could be higher quality.


I was referring to the conformal coating question. :slight_smile:

I am curious is the stock gimbal ends from the QX7 would fit on the X-lite. I have a set of umbrellas I liked that didn’t fit when I upgraded to hall gimbals.


@pibbs I still haven’t conformal coated anything. Neither indoor nor outdoor quads. This even though I have a bottle each of silicone and acrylic (?) conformal coating sitting on my shelf. :relaxed:

I have both X-Lite and T8SG v2 Plus. The hall effect gimbals on the X-Lite are in a different (higher) league than T8 Plus. There’s no contest, IMO. The hall gimbals on the Jumper feel barely any different than the non-hall gimbals on the standard T8SG: loose and low-end.

@SinisterLefty QX7 gimbals (aka M7 gimbals) are much larger than those on the X-Lite, so will not fit at all.

In terms of the stick ends, the QX7 gimbals are an M4 (4mm) thread, just like the X9D+ and higher-end Horus series. OTOH, the X-Lite gimbals are M2.5 (2.5mm) threaded. So stick ends are unfortunately not interchangeable.

That said, FrSky does sell an option set containing both longer stick ends (for pinchers) and smallish umbrella stick ends (for thumbers) for the X-Lite. I’m a pincher and have found the longer OEM stick-ends to be a noticeable improvement over those that come stock with the X-Lite.


@Brainstorm My first whoop is conformal coated and I just finished wiring up a few new mini quads for the winter season and I’ve been debating on coating them as well. I do believe the coating saved my whoop a few times when I crashed directly into my dog’s water bowl. Was able to dry it off and get back to flying. It’s just a bit of a hassle with my current setup to make a spot outside where it’s highly ventilated to do the initial coating.

Thanks for the T8SG v2 Plus info, I will just have wait and see if frsky releases some upgraded hall gimbals for the X-lite.


Interesting !

There is something I don’t understand : your tinyshark is heavier than a whoop, then you should have less flight time… And doesn’t seem to be the case, even more like the opposite.


I get around the same flight times with my whoop. I dunno what’s up with that😂. It just works. I’ll post a unedited video soon once I get out and get my laforge fixed.


It should be more efficient then… but from what ? bigger props ? no ducts acting like aerodynamic brakes ? other factors ?

About your motors : could you tell how long they last and how do they get damaged ?


2 inch props and no ducts are a difference from my whoop. I’ve been flying this for about 2 and a half months and I’ve crashed it in all ways imaginable and I’m still on my original motors. Only broke a fc and chipped the frame. The motors seem to hold up great. I did lubricate them in the beginning and I regularly clean them, but I don’t know if that makes much of a difference. The one bad thing is that they are copper wires, and those are a PITA to solder. Open bottoms, Less than 10 USD a motor, I really like them.


Alright! went out this morning to fly. This is onn a 260mah lipo, flew for 3:20sec. About the same as my whoop in warm weather, and this was a cold day! My laforge is broken as it seems, I get horrible range, so thats why the video and my flying is so bad! I don’t know whats up with it. You can find the DVR here. Again, sorry about the flying and video! once I get my video issues sorted out I will post a better video.


Yup, good day for indoor flight, even if I have a tiny house. Having planted my Hawkr in the mud earlier makes me want to avoid flying outside.