Improved LiteSilverware for Beta65S Lite and Meteor 75 Lite

Hi all!
I want to share my humble project - BetaFPV’s silverware fork with some eyecandy and usability improvements. For now Lite Brushed and Lite Brushless 1s FC (Beta 65S Lite and Meteor 75 Lite) There is a list:

  • RSSI on OSD (Bayang, IBUS and SBUS are supported)
  • Name on OSD (can be set via OSD menu, Display>Name)
  • Bind functions to channels via OSD menu (Channels)
  • Change led color for Brushed FC (Config>Led color)
  • Minor improvements (see Display menu)

In future I’ll try to add Brushless 2s support - I bought it with good discount on Black Friday sale:).

There is a link to github repo -

P.S. Thx @Tokyo_Dom for code and ideas!:slight_smile:

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Looks like a nice work… :slight_smile:
Does Lite Brushless board and firmware supports bayang protocol?

Of course not, only brushed one, sorry for not clear description :slight_smile:. Brushless (both 1s and 2s) has built-in Frsky D8 receiver.

So, still waiting for bayang implementation on brushless…

Bayang version there but it’s the old 2s brushless FC that everyone seems to have issues with
@jumper047 sorry I havent been active on doing anymore development, my Lite fc died recently, just literally dropped from the sky, something about the camera shorted somehow.
I really wanted a 1s lite brushless, but they are not selling them anymore. I see that people are getting a new 1-2s brushless FC in the betafpv advanced kits now, but no info on their site.

Happy new year everybody! :smile: :christmas_tree: :sparkles:

1S is also my deal… I don’t see any need to 2S for any 65/75mm whoop style quad… So, it is questionable will bayang be supported on any 1S silverware brushless board any more :frowning:

Happy new year to you too!

I keep meaning to build one of Sakitume’s play f4 silverlite builds. You can have Bayang using a cheap nrf24l01 chip on that FC. My play F4 is currently in use on my 85mm whoop though.

Happy new year @Tokyo_Dom @silverAG!

@Tokyo_Dom sad to hear - my still operates well. But honestly I’m not an active flyer these times. Sadly brushless is gone - I bought mine in local drone shop (first one, then another after burning first one, and these FC were last in this shop). Bad thing about new FC is 1-2s, as far as I know these universal FC are less effective then plain 1s.

I have lot of TXes (one for each B03 I ever bought :slight_smile: ) where I can strip down that chip and use it, but I never tried to add receiver to anything… But the main question is - does any available and stable brushless firmware has implemented bayang support or I need to add it?

Ah no, it’s all still a little experimental. Sucks because betaflight could add it easily. Actually I will ask the main dev of emuflight if they would consider adding it to the upcoming 1.0 release.

Im not sure if you can get the nrf module out of a toy tx like the XN297 chips. But they are literally under $2 shipped from China…

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That was usual method for Alienwhoop boards… So I assumed it will work with other boards too…