Identifying flight characteristics for Noobs

I’ve been flying sub-120mm brushed quads for almost a year (April anniversary-hehehe). I can build them and fly decently in LOS and FPV modes. I can do rolls, but still afraid of doing flips and loops for fear of loss. (I know, wrong hobby)

Anyway, after countless Youtube videos and scouring these sites, I haven’t been able to nail down some basic information on flying and tuning. I have nothing to compare my quad to someone else’s, so basically,
How do I know if my quad is flying optimally? Hopefully, one or some of the “seniors” could help me with the following:

On Hovering:
Not using any self-leveling modes - once my craft is hovering in place, how much correction must one apply in order for it to stay relatively in place?
I can get it into position, but it won’t hold altitude, constantly having to compensate with throttle. Also I seem to always be correcting the other axises. Is this correct?

On turns:
Let’s say we’re making a beeline in one direction and you want to whip around back (hairpin turn). Is it normal for the craft to gain altitude at the apex of the turn? Example: Low altitude slalom course
I always have to decrease throttle to compensate for this.

On fast flying:
No wind - is it normal for the craft to buffet slightly when flying fast in a straight altitude - like if it’s flying in windy conditions?

I don’t know if these are tuning issues or that I’m just a crappy pilot - hahaha

hovering takes constant input changes to stay in one place, the amount is dependent on your rates/expo.

tight turns make the quad angle up in the direction of travel making the quad a wing that wants to lift.
reducing throttle at the right time compensates for the lift.

fast flying in no wind should be smooth.

practice flips and loops in a large grass field with much altitude.
be ready to correct when you end the flip and throttle up.


Not to be confused with my living room, which breaks whoop frames.

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Your description of drifting in a hover makes me think you need to increase I term a bit, if it drifts mostly to the sides, up roll I, if it’s mostly back/forward then up pitch I.
If your constantly bobbing up and down riding throttle you could try setting up a throttle curve to give you a flat region in the hover zone.
The fast flight buffeting points to possible I term also, I resists outside force like wind.


@Chaotix - Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

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Yep sounds like a little low on I at most from the description. Of course that depends on how much wind you’re talking about…There is a point where I don’t expect it to hold in strong wind. Add some flight video!

@NotFastEnuf - Mostly no-wind conditions and indoor. Yep - anything sub 60grams will definitely be at the mercy of +15mph winds.
I’m still working on getting my recording gear together in order to provide some video - having troubles with finding the right connectors…


Not sure if you noticed it - but I just started this thread about tuning. Included in the read is my method for tuning from scratch and what I look for if you want to do a full workup instead of just making adjustments to a stock tune. It’s surprising how different the result is in both values and performance when I do it. Maybe something in there will help.

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Yep _ i’ve been all over it :slight_smile: I just didn’t want to hijack it with my own personal issue(s)

It’s just about WIKI worthy!

Lol - hijack away - it’s totally on topic! Glad it’s helping you. I see a lot of dvr footage from micros with some really flyable - but pretty rough tunes. Very gittery & nervous movement- too mechanical or robotic looking - prop wash oscillation, etc. My 8.5 needs new motors & my brother has the dvr right now - but I have it flying like a dream. It’s smooth in the air like a much larger quad. It’s all in the settings (pids, rates, expo)… it takes time but you don’t have to settle! Other than the amount of power - everything I own feels the same to me in the air - from 6" on down. Granted my 6 & 5 in predate active braking (super old) - maybe I should say they fly like my micros instead of saying my micros fly like bigger quads. Hahaha

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