I want you to meet my little friend


The frequency of oscillation on decent of altitude is lower than I would expect to see for a pure p type oscillation. You were moving forward enough to be mostly clear of your own prop wash I think. If I had to guess, I would say that specific condition was a result of your I gain being too low on pitch and roll. During decent, the I term just does not have enough magnitude to suggest errors be corrected fast enough and error is accumulating one direction then the other. With higher gains on I - your strong P gain should be able to receive the instruction that error is accumulating and level it out. Your D gain will work in concert to keep the correction by P nice and smooth. The other spots were pure prop wash oscillation that the P term is going active on. For a micro and especially a 6mm - that is really not bad and a credit to your tuning skills. You did not slam completely flat into your prop wash but were maybe on the edge of it. That should be tuneable and you may be able to improve that a bit by raising D. Slamming flat into prop wash is reasonable to expect a little high frequency oscillation. I would think your D range with that P value is up to 120 or 125. The higher you go - it may improve prop wash but make your sticks feel more sluggish. To adjust for that you could raise setpoint in the range from .7 to .85. That will crisp back up anything that gets dulled down by increasing D.

One thing I would add is that you are tuned on pitch and roll the same. I would think that with an h style frame and a long battery, that you should have a little offset between the two axis once you land on your final tune.

I’d suggest you raise I (try 55) and D for pitch and roll, raise setpoint weight as you raise D to keep the feel the same. Then fly some more and see if you can isolate your remaining oscillation to either pitch or roll dominant before tweaking an offset between the 2 axis.

Overall, that is one of the smoothest flying brushed micros I’ve seen!!! Especially considering it’s 6mm and super light and was in rough high altitude air!!! Jam up job!


Brilliant! Completely understandable and I can’t wait to get back up into the air.

We should have a column called “Flight School” hosted by @NotFastEnuf

not saying anything, just sayin’… :slight_smile:

Thank you - I’ll post back with results


You’re too kind, but maybe you should wait and see how the advice works out before you praise me. Hahaha! I’m still impressed with how smooth you got such a light craft to fly in bumpy air!


Thanks - not having anything else to compare it with makes me feel like I’m heading in the right direction.

Conditions today were ~20mph wind gusts with a sustained ~7mph breeze. The little bugger flew like “The Little Engine That Could” - jajaja

Finally had to switch to my other little friend (8.5mm build - more to come) and flew with little or no issues - except that I will also have to raise Pitch I Term because over a full out going forward, the craft starts to take altitude rather than hold its attitude.

No bull - you, and others like you are good for this sport/hobby. So thank you and deal with it… :slight_smile: