I need motors with 10lbs of torque for a low energy screwdriver

I learned how to make a low energy screwdriver

Google Photos

I put 4 small motors with 10lbs of torque and they moved the center with 40lbs

I need help getting testing 4 motors with 10lbs of torque

this is the motor I am using

Google Photos

all the micro motor companies hate my gut with loathing spitting foam

and wont speak to me for anything beyond $1000 and even then they wont

send me what I need

I would appreciate anyones help

the only place im getting solid replies is from ebay

the motor I am using when I put 5 of them together uses 1 / hundredth every 5 minutes

( I don’t know what terms are on multi meters , when I put 5 of them on the battery in 1 minute they use 0.01 ma of energy and when I put the screwdriver with 1 motor it uses 0.42 ma of energy every one minute and when the one motor has a load it uses 900ma in one minute , I am using a super capacitor so it drains energy quickly)

Hopefully my low every screwdriver project interests someone

if 5 small motors uses 1 ma then 210 would be 42 ma

and although I cant arrange 210 to move one object 210 would mean more than the hand drill I am using

I am using the smallest motor they have I could find.,

they have 2 more motors I bought on ebay that are bigger but the company wont speak to me

at all, ( the have writhing loathing hatred against me for thinking for myself , I don’t know why ,

I even paid them over $1000 and theyre still angry. I have no idea)

I hope someone will help me pick the right motor


thanik you

10 what-lbs?
Torque has to be expressed as a weight-length, otherwise it’s meaningless.

10 ft-lbs is 120 inch-lbs, as an example.

Thank you for your response

I have lots of motors with the torque

It drains 52 times less then a drill

But moves 30 times slower

10 lbs inch

Here’s the motor I am using


There are other micro motors from maxon and faulhaber but they aren’t speaking to me

Hope you will help


10lbs geared motors of course

Mine works at 8rpm to make 10lbs per inch

Ahh. Yeah gear motors are definitely the way to go.
Nothing in quadcopter-land uses them though, so I’m not going to be able to help in sourcing them.