I flew micros 2 years ago but quit due to frustration, this is some of the stuff I still have, how do I get back in the air?


So what does it take to get back in the air? I believe the parts are:

  • AlienWii FC
  • 750 mAh battery
  • 480 mAh battery
  • Devo 7e with deviation
  • Parrot frame with alienwii converter
  • Hitec Charger

As far as hardware goes, looks like you only need motors and props!

Welcome back!

Btw, what were you frustrated about?


Thanks! I was frustrated about getting the Alienwii to work I think, as well as FPV. Good to know I only need motors and props, is there any flashing I need to do or anything?

Hard to say just from looking at things. I haven’t done an AlienWii myself, but if you’re on Facebook, there’s a vibrant group here:


Otherwise, just keep giving info on what you experience, and we’ll nudge you along.


You will probably also need new lipos.

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Some good info here too, you’ve got a gem, great folks here to help.
AlienFlight Classic Narrow interactive manual


Good news is everything became a LOT cheaper and better over the last 2 years! :laughing: