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I employed the wrong pilot for LOS acro practice


This little rooster…bad at flips…wasn’t me I swear…he is only young I guess…

Look what he did…did some nice moves first, but he got “cocky” (hahaha lol sigh) and decided to execute a “mad stunt” over the rockery garden, and finish with a full power punch into the rocks inverted…cause this little chicken is hardcore like that.

Damage is minor, every thing is fine…move along…



InVeRt PuNcH!



A few snips of stiffish hardish random plastic and some glue and all is well.

The silly rooster had to stay and watch the glue dry, normally he would be at the pilots bar…

I am so buying a few sheets of carbon and some rod. Better for repairs than pen lids and dead phone cases…

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Holt crap man, trim those feet haha!

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Some likem short.
some likem long.
It’s not the size of the feet that matter…
It’s the motion of the quad.
Ba Ha!



But the grams! Also if you don’t trim them the motor caps are still able to pop. You need a snug fit like you have in your picture.



Those long feet allow me to take off in my rough yard lol. I use shorter ones inside. Think of them as “grass ski’s” lol.

I am a bit lazy with the lawn mower…This micro doesn’t just clear its own helipad like a 250… But yeah they are long feet haha.