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I crashed my Taranis X-lite and broke a stick. Then fixed it


Last week, I set my TX down to answer the door and the radio fell off my dresser, breaking the left stick.

I had my Bazar 2018 box on the way and couldn’t find a replacement gimbal that wasn’t two weeks away.
I as fiddling with some other projects and found my box of brass standoffs and they are 2.5mm threads - exactly the size of the x-lite stick ends.
So, I chucked a standoff stack in to the drill and got out my files.

After getting the shape what I wanted I drilled out the female threads until I got a tight fit that went full depth.
It worked great. The left stick is now about 2mm higher than the right stick.


I love it! Way to pull a fix out of the jaws of disater. Looks cool with the brushed brass too.
Well done!


With it being so lite I would not expect that could have happened! (take mental note)


Ha! kind of flew right off the dresser.
I should have taken the mental note to not leave it in a precarious spot. Turns out they include the case for a reason. I’m also contemplating another radio. I’ve only been doing this for a couple of months, and not being able to fly sucked. I have spares of everything except for goggles and radio.

I do think the sticks are too thin at 2.5mm. The break was right at hte threads, and there is a slight bend to the stick now as well.
Thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be any other damage to the gimbal itself.


great job …