I can't tune my 7x20 whoop! :(

I struggle with whoop built with 7x20 (don’t know kv, but I think around 17000) brushed motors! I am using Makerfire Silverware board and an older and a bit moded NFE Silverware with my rates and very strong filtering and stock PIDs for 6mm and 7mm whoops (copied from pid.c):

float pidkp[PIDNUMBER] = {21.5e-2 , 21.5e-2 , 10.5e-1 };
float pidki[PIDNUMBER] = { 14e-1 , 15e-1 , 15e-1 };
float pidkd[PIDNUMBER] = { 7.4e-1 , 7.4e-1 , 5.5e-1 };

It works great on 7x16 whoop builds with the same board and 7x16 17500kv motors- no problems with anything. But on 7x20, I can’t get rid of bounce back on hard 180 turns.
I am using 3-bladed gemfan props on both type of builds but can’t tune 7x20 to work. If I use 4-bladed HQ props on 7x20, I can get less bounce-backs, and only with 3-bladed king kong props it flies almost OK with all stock PIDs. But with 3-bladed Gemfans, no way I can get it smooth. I tried everything - reducing P, increasing D… nothing helps. I even try to tune “from scratch” but no luck. I am very bad in tuning but I manage to make all my 7x16 builds flyable if need to tweak PIDs a bit - but I am stuck with 7x20 :frowning: (and I really want to use Gemfans on this one - those props are extremely durable which is what I need :wink: )

Any suggestions maybe what might try? Or maybe some PIDs if some of you uses any 7x20 brushed build (whoop or non-whoop - doesn’t matter - I am willing to try anything)…

720 on a 65mm?

No. It’s 75mm build - made on kingkong 75mm whoop frame for 7x20 motors. All props I am using on it are 40mm.