Hubsan x4 motor or reciever bad?


I know, this isnt really a toy quad forum. Anyway, my motor wont spin h107d. The motor spins when I touch it with a battery, ive reset the gyros, but the quad only spins 3 props when I try to fly it. I got it stuck in a tree, and had this problem after. Could it still be a bad motor? Or do I need a new reciever?


Either way you are going to need to solder. I would swap motors from opposite corners. If the issue stays in the same corner, it is a FET/board issue. If the issue moves with the motor, it is a motor issue. If you got it stuck in a tree and applied throttle several times with the prop being obstructed, this will easily/quickly blow a FET or motor. Hope you get it fixed!

edit: All micro hobbyists are welcome in this forum! Toy and hobby grade alike.


Well, I did swap motors and find that it must be the fc , so ordered another which has yet to come, but never replied with the update so am now quick…