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Hubsan X4 FC and Bradwii?


I Just came across this video on YouTube and thought I would share here as I have not seen any mention.

Cheap Micro FPV Quad Part 1: Flashing Bradwii to a Hubsan X4 (Acro mode!)

I have not played with any custom firmware or boards so far. Am I correct in thinking this would make the board alot more tunable? Maybe these mysterious PIDs I keep hearing mentioned about :slight_smile:

Tiny Whoop Hubsan

I was just soldering up a connector to my Hubsan X4 H107L board last night so I can start playing around with running Bradwii on it. Thanks for the video. I’m going to need it.

I’ve been reading through this RCGroups thread on Bradwii to get going with this.

Here’s the pin out I marked out before I soldered my connector on.

Micro JST 1.25mm 3-pin male connector soldered onto the Hubsan FC so that I can leave it on there and easily plug it into my laptop to tune it.

Micro JST 1.25mm 3-pin female connector on the ST Link USB


Let us know how it turns out. I have a H107C I could turn into a acro/rate trainer.


Hey man thanks so much for the clear photograph showing where to connect up the board! I wanted to give this a shot (with a Hubsan board) but couldn’t find a picture or diagram showing where to connect the board, until I saw your post here. How did it go? Any updates, comments or advice would be awesome. But anyhow, thanks once again!


I haven’t flashed Bardwii on it yet. Too many other fun things got my attention. I’ve been flying my Eachine H8 board flased with Silverxxx’s firmware. There are many more people using the H8 board so there’s a bigger community sharing ideas and solving problems around it.


Haha! I gotcha! Yes, always so many interesting projects and so little time! Take care and happy flying!


Any updates on this adventure?? I’d really like to flash bradwii onto my 107d and then find a way to throw a better aio camera on there if anyone knows anything about that…