Hubsan/taranis module

from your image, it looks as if the stock coverplate can just be put back on?

next taranis project. DSM2/X-ify

just need to locate a cheap Tx module from a spectrum radio.

Yes, that’s the module I’m currently using for DSM2 receivers, with the RF module I harvested from my old DX6i, only problem is that it’s limited to 6 channels (OpenTX limitation, even if you have a module harvested from a DX9 …).

So … I’m currently working on my own DSM2 TX module, from a bare CYRF6936 RF module:

It’s not completed yet as I want to wait for the next OpenTX version which will enable to output SBUS on the smartport pin in the Taranis module bay, to get rid of PPM latency :smile:

so have you had any luck from eflite tx modules? i have a crap controller here i got with a microplane that does DSM2 wondering if it would work. i have been looking at the DX4/5’s to scavenge from from the 5’s are all @ $60 new or used. havent seen any used 4’s.

from the looks of what you are doing, by the time i get around to this project you might have some better option anyway?

You’re talking of the MLP4DSM or similar “toy” TX I suppose ? Yes, you can use its internal module on the PCB from, and it has 6 channels too :wink: Just limited range …

yes, its a little toy tx. limited range doesnt sound good or worth the effort.

The Devo 10’s built in module supports DSM2/DSMX out of the box (flashed with Devation) check it out here:

Except I have a taranis… But my uncle has a devo and flies with it.

Hi goebish,
I was interested in multiprotocol module. Can I buy it, how much it costs and how much is sent to Russia by mail?

I’m out of stock right now, I only have a few Hubsan modules left.
I should have a new batch available in 1-2 weeks, you can send me an email at, I’ll reply when they are ready if you want.

I’m interested in a Syma x5c-1 / multi protocol module and hubsan x4 module if you have any for sale @goebish !

Sorry, I’m out of stock of Multipro again (I should have more in 1~2 weeks), I only have some Hubsan available right now.
Send me an email, goebish at gmail dot com :wink:

her is a mondul you can use outside of taranis X9E. Link (RC Quad Controller) - You can watch it on Youtube video Hubsan Protocol Transceiver (Radio Adapter) - Review and Flight Demo.

Mines don’t come with a fancy case (some .stl are available tho ;)), but they are cheaper, don’t require external wires, have telemetry on Taranis and they’re compatible with newer “Plus series” (H107P,C+/d+) :wink:

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Yeah I decided to go with yours :). That one linked above just looks clunky… and im pretty sure it has it’s own internal battery that needs charged. Just looks like a mess compared to yours

The other one is fine too, for a Spektrum radio for example, but not for a X9D.

It has telemetry on my taranis? Didn’t k ow that. Thanks goebish. Any info on setup for telemetry or is it tinker time?

yes but you not need to open taranis x9e. you can connect to raranis x9e trainer port outside. Inside you can use orange rx dsmx/ dsm2 transmitter mondul inside taranis x9e. Then you can use . micro scisky board and alienwii board.:grinning:

Yes, H107, L, C and D have telemetry, the newer Plus series don’t.
Just enable smartport telemetry and you should be able to see battery voltage, current vTX frequency for H107D and a few other things.
You can also use this .eepe profile:


Thanks, man!

Really? Thats awesome!

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