How would you mount this battery?


Trying to decide how I’m going to mount this battery.

I was thinking about 3D printing a mount to fasten onto the three outer nylon standoff screws and wrap around like a tiny whoop battery mount. Then maybe put some kind of velcro or screw door to prevent the battery from slipping out.

Or do you think just velcro to the bottom of my frame and on my battery would work just fine? The screws offset the battery from the frame, so it would not be a nice flush velcro.

Worse thing I can think of is my battery slipping off during flight and crashing my quadcopter.






Like in the video @yets posted, I would also add cut some of the foam your VTX came in and glue it to the bottom of your quad. Doesn’t have to be super thick, but at least higher then those screws you are using. The foam will also make the rubber band tighter.


The frame is made for a velcro strap. The two slots on either side allow you to slip the strap under the FC which unless you have it soft mounted should have a little space under it. I personally like to use velco adhesive strips, hook side to the frame and loop side on the battery. If you use that and the strap, that battery will not go anywhere. @FuriousPug makes a good point about the screws, you dont want them rubbing right against the battery. The velcro adhesive stips can also provide the cushioning you want between the battery and those screws. Here is a link to battery straps on BG, they come in different lengths so check that you have the correct length for your build, this link is just to show you what I am talking about.
Happy building :wink:


Rubber bands won’t snap because of heat?

@madman1412 Those straps look cool. I’m not sure if I have enough room under my 4 in 1 ESC to mount it though


Rubber bands will require a bit of maintenance ( they stretch, snap, tear over time) HOWEVER their lightweight footprint, and abundance of is what makes it so ideal. I’d rather replace rubber bands often which are cheap and usually always available if I run out vs using a heavy battery strap which will add weight and look bulky.

I’d recommend what furious ̶p̶i̶g̶ pug suggested as well , the white firm foam that comes with the VTX03/atx03 is perfect for making a “battery pad” which will help keep your battery off those metal screws.

I would also recommend to go with nylon screws and bolts for they are much lighter. If u crash nylon screws won’t puncture the battery as easily as metal screws will.


Rubber bands eventually wear out and basically, that’s their only weakness. Since they’re cheap enough, I replace them when they break (usually after a month’s use)
It’s a real lo-fi way of holding the battery - but the weight and gripping properties of a simple rubber band can’t be beat.


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As for velcro straps, I bought myself a life supply of cable ties:

I prefer them for micros because they are very strong and you can cut them anywhere to the perfect length. Didn’t use them (yet) for 4S, but works well with 3S 500mah battery.


Which frame is that? Would you mind measuring the spacing on the outer diamond pattern? 25x25?


@NotFastEnuf This is where I got the frame:

Similar (possibly same, though my bottom plate is > 2 mm thick) frame:

The spacing is 30x30mm diagonal between the outer diamond pattern. I really like it because it barely fits 3 inch props and has a 20x20 FC mounting pattern.


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Thanks for the response. I’m hoping to find a 25x25 diamond pattern on a frame somewhere.


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