How to tune throttle curve, expo and rates ["when i do this, this does this."]

Hello fellow pilots.
As you may know I’m relatively new to quads and flying.
I started 9 months ago in july.
It took me too long to really grasp what was happening with my throttle curves and expo rates.
It is quite a challenge for me to read about “numbers n stuff” as my brain almost shuts down and won’t keep trying to learn for me.

I made these two videos for people like me.
Those who are talented in building and flying yet hit a road block when it comes to tuning because they seem to learn a bit more “hands on and visually”.

"when i do this, this does this."
seems the best explanation on what these videos are about.

Im sure there are a lot more precise and accurate interpretations of these actions,
yet these vids are only made to help one get a grasp on what is actually happening flight characteristic wise with these settings.

We all have different learning styles and mine seems to be a bit less evident in this hobby.
Because of this my talk of numbers are minimal.
Instead however we look at tuning by the simple shape and curve of the line.

A great thanks to sensei benidikt for his video on throttle curves,
as it helped me understand what a “hover zone” is.

Im first a pilot, then a mechanic.
The tuning comes in third yet it is a vital part of being a “successful” pilot to me.
Heres a way to be all three if one wants,
without the added stress of “numbers n stuff.”

(set to HD)

(set to HD)

There are much more precise explanations around my digital domain on this subject.
This is really just to help melt the brain block that can arise in “visual & hands on” type learners when attempting to get a grasp on whats happening to a model’s flight characteristics when one…
“does this”.

Please remember:
-With more expo the center may be nice n mellow,
yet the end zones of the stick movements are going to kick in faster and harder.
The end zones will reduce the total quantity to compensate for a more extreme curve.

-With more negative expo the center is touchy,
yet the end zones will be less mellow.
This can also can reduce in total quantity to compensate for an extreme curve.

-In throttle curve settings one can keep it on the “simple” setting instead of “dual rates & expo”.
This will make all throttle rates have the same curve.
In the vid i use the “dual rates & expo” setting and “link” the rates,
yet it yields the same result.

Thanks for watching.


Thanks for giving back to the community and sharing what you learn. Its a huge help.

I’ll have to watch the videos later but I read the post. It all sounds good to me except for the part where you talked about negative expo. I can’t really see that being of use because if your center sticks aren’t sensitive enough you just raise your rates. I don’t really see many people wanting sensitive centers and duller endpoints. But hey, maybe there is a use for that that I am unaware of.

Thanks for sharing man!

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On my 7mm H8 mini based quad, I was trying to get a bit of airmode functionality by using a switch to enable idle up (it also gave me a disarm switch, which I’ve grown to expect). Being lazy, I didn’t use a custom curve, I just added +20 offser to my existing curve when the switch was enabled.

The effect was wild. It turned the quad from mellow to insanely fast. It put the fun part of the thrust curve closer to the center stick position. My fingers resisted adapting to flying with the stick in a lower position, so my brain had to adapt to flying hella-fast all the time. I got better at flying really quick and the experience has translated to my other quads. I think by reducing the time I have to think, I reduce the opportunity to hesitate. Gaps seem bigger when I fly faster.

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I use to skate downhill a lot.
I would go 48mph with leathers, slide gloves and a full face helmet.
We have a saying amongst us down hill skaters.
"Lose trucks save lives."
It’s easier to have tight trucks (turning) and go fast as the response raises with speed.
The really tech riders have loose trucks. At 45mph one can see them wobbling about as they ride the tight rope.
If a car pulls out infront of you at 45 mph one definitely would like to have the ability to turn sharp to avoid it.
A lot lot of skaters have hit cars at speed because their trucks were not loose enough at center.

I like fpv now. It hurts a lot less when I crash. :wink:

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I used to ride motorcycles and drive fast cars. FPV scratches that itch without the threat of grevious bodily harm or bankruptcy. Well maybe not so much on the later.

BTW: you’re an old timer. I’ve only been flying since December.

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For me with most auto leveling boards I first max out the scale rate.
Then I slowly decrease the expo untill the desired responsiveness is aquired.

With acro I will first tune the tightness of my full stick/full throttle flip/roll through the scale rates. Then I will decrease expo untill desired responsiveness is aquired.

It is in my experience that in acro with high rates and negetive expo, in the rite ballance,
It can enable:
Tight barells and loops.
Large slow loops and barells.
Tight throttle cut manual flips.
Loose throttle cut manual flips.
Sandwiching all difrent loops and cut flips back to back.

With less negetive expo I have found that pulling a technical manuver at speed is more difficult as I need to push the sticks further between tricks.
When sandwiching manuvers at speed back to back I like it all tight.

All of this being said, the combination of reducing throttle within a roll adds a whole other availability of maneuvering.

Hey why do you think I’m called tron?
Have you ever played the original tron video game?
Those light cycles have got some serious negetive expo and maxed out scale.

I have my sticks adjusted to be rather long. It just feels roght… But I think it slows down my effective rates. I plan to experiment with shortening them and see if the reduced throws give a better feel.

I have a longer stick on throttle. I like my yaw rates to be high with less expo. This way I get faster yaws near center sticks and my throttle isn’t effected when I yaw. If I had to use the full resolution of yaw my throttle control would suffer.

Then I use a short stick end on pitch/roll so I can feel the full resolution and bang the sticks if necessary. I have note expo on pitch and roll to keep my centers controllable but have the big guns on the outside of the sticks.

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For my Scisky TX config I have 1-1, preferring to tune rates/expo in the FC. But MW23 has is a ton of built in expo, even my Betaflight RC settings are nearly linear.

I forgot we were talking TX’s lol. I do all my rates and expo on the FC and keep clean channels with maxed rates and no expo on the TX.

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