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How to track entire craft shake, after 40% throttle


Have spider frame, 08 motors, JJRC1000 board .On checking motor spool up after 40% throttle, start getting. To much shake, the motors seem to be mounted tight, how long is the check list to track this down.?.By to much shake it seems uniform high vibes throughout the craft .
The board is mounted underneath with solder connections facing down.
Am only using anti fibe foam tape to the under frame, then the board ‘stuck’ to the tape.
This initial testing was only done hand held. If the battery is mounted TO TIGHT, thru the little ‘tray’ in the middle, will the frame finally get stressed, as I increase Mtrs speed?



Could be that the board cannot handle the larger motors with direct drive. Have you tried using the original ones?? And which props are you using???

I still have an Alias clone with the JJ1000 board/8.5mm motors and it flies nice, however it’s gear driven.

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Are your props bent/damaged?