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How to soilder bayang rx to alienwhoop zero fc


I just pre-order the alienwhoop zero fc an I was, wondering if I removed the bayang module out of an E11 remote how would I soilder it up what’s the correct wiring.


We are working on quick start guides, a full pilot’s manual, and build videos. Hang in there man, we’re gonna make it as straightforward as possible. I’ll be reaching out to all the preorders to find out if there are any custom flashes which need to be preloaded in place of sbus such as spi rx before product ships also.

But to also directly answer your question - there are 5 pads labeled on the xn297L rx/tx module and they attach to the following pads on the zer0.

VDD - to 3.3v
GND - to Ground
DATA - to RX
SLK - to TX
CSN - to SPI

Piece of cake! :smile:


I have this rx on a remote I plan to to use with it I was told it’s doable.


Read what NFE said its pretty straight forward , he gave you the pin out too ^^ You should be able to do the rest :slight_smile: ! Hope you got a tx with multiprotole ^^


That’s exactly the chip I’m using. Works great. It just needs the flash to be updated for that receiver option. In stock form, the zer0 is flashed for inverted sbus.


@NotFastEnuf What RX will the AlienWhoop team recommend for FrSky and/or DSMX protocol?


The zer0 will come preloaded to accept any inverted sbus receiver. I think we are going to stock the xm in the alienwhoop store. I personally use an r-sxr on mine. I don’t think it’s a big deal which one you use.
For dsmx it will have to be reflashed, but we still have not got the code finished yet (sigh). Hopefully soon. Unfortunately we all still have day jobs too. Lol. We are going to do that initial flash to change over the receiver type for anyone who needs it though. Same with the bayang spi rx. I also have been using that on a zer0 with great results.


yeah I have the jumper t8sg


You’ll be in great shape then. I love using that little module with the Zer0. It works like a charm and has great range. Total weight of the zer0 fc, a power whoop pigtail, and that receiver module all together is still sub 3 grams with proper management of wire lengths.


Watch how Charlie is doing it.


Would it be somehow possible to use this module on a TX like Taranis to make it compatible with Bayang?

edit: As I’m searching for info I think it would only be possible with an arduino, but than it has no advantage over an nrf24 module.:roll_eyes:


the xn297 has slightly higher power compared to a nrf24 without PA, but otherwise no difference

but from the software point of view can’t replace nrf24 directly because of the scrambling it uses

edit: sorry late reply


I’m currently using flysky and and a multiprotocol module on my e011 FC. I was hoping to find a sperate module in my toy controller but it looks like it’s integrated into the board.

Can you buy the tx module anywhere?

Is there another option for flysky radios with the Alien whoop zer0?


There are a few flysky receivers that output sbus. So that’s an option. Otherwise we are prototyping a bayang receiver now. Rf design is black magic, we’ve been at it for some time. Getting close to a production model and releasing the design open. Source for diy.


I’m already running NFE silverware on a Bhwoop board with stock E011 frame and motors. It flys great by the way. Will I notice much difference with the Alienwhoop Zer0?


Well the zero has lower resistance mosfets, the ability to run a longer range external rx with true 5 volt on board, a better gyro, extra pads for extended functionality like rgb led or buzzer easily accessible without tying up flashing pads… they are all subtle differences that add up to a better experience. How much you notice will depend on you and the quality of your motors and batteries, or the limits you push in range before you failsafe, or how much functionality you want to easily add. Or maybe it will just give you a warm fuzzy feeling insde to support the project and own the fc designed around the firmware you are already enjoying. :smile:


Sounds like a no brainer to me. Better start saving a bit of cash. I’ve spotted an Oversky reciever that is 0.6g and Flysky sbus. I might give that one a try. Thanks for the advice.


Just built my Alienwhoop Zer0. Used a fs-a8s in the end. I’ve just done a hover test and line of sight. I’m very impressed to say the least. Can’t wait to get it in some open space to have a real fly with it. Travis, a massive well done on the design work!