How to set up Scisky FC step by step


I continue to do it. I used it for some tethered logging (which is unhelpfully not in blackbox format) which included hovering. And I used it when I set min throttle. But mostly I plug in powered up because I hate unplugging batteries. F-u JST. I’m lazy and it works. Makes changing PID values less painful. (I haven’t setup the weird stick adjustments yet).


It may or may not be significant that I’m plugging the other end of my usb cable into a Macbook Pro.


Nah, its still 5v usb, the computer end shouldn’t matter, I don’t think that Macs have any special protection on the usb. This is good to know. I wonder if there was a revision to the board at some point after the initial release.


I bought mine sometime in Dec from BG.


I also got mine mid december.


cool thanks for this thread, it helps alot since i had to dig through the other one to find this list. If it’s ok with you i’m going to link this thread in the review video i’m making.


@illpoet for sure it’s ok to link it. Please post your video here too when it’s done.


I have plugged in the computer and the battery multiple times and never had any smoke and I did test the motor outputs on cleanflight and it worked just fine. However, I am not sure if it is related or not, but a little while later while using it the board totally shut off. I can no longer connect to it via battery, only through USB… Pretty sure this is due to a burned up inductor.


Did you resolder your power leads to be sure that isn’t the cause of your problem?


Not yet but that is my next step in eliminating all other possibilities besides the inductor. lol same convo over two threads at the same time :sweat_smile: I just cant get enough of this hobby!


I can not get stick commands to work on the DX6i? Ive tried everything. My travel adjustments are +/- to 125 in both directions. On config page i have min=1000 mid=1500 max=2000. On receiver tab my rc is reading my trottle min = 1038, mid = 1475, max = 1916. Im trying to trim the board with stick commands instead of using rx but i just cant seem to get anything working.

I figured it out. So anyone else with DX6I with the same issue go to the CLI and type in the following

rxrange 0 1050 1950
rxrange 1 1050 1950
rxrange 2 1050 1950
rxrange 3 1050 1950

Since the DX6I does not have the ability to hit the 1000-1500-2000 marks it just causes problems everywhere. This will actually adjust the program to the rc’s range. Hope this helps someone.


@Droopydroors … I just went through a similar issue not being able to use the stick commands with the DX6i. When I was setting the travel adjustments, I was only setting them in 1 direction. Must move the stick in each direction and adjust to 125. Stick commands have been working fine for me since then.


@bubbak yes mine are set in both up,down,left,right directions. I actually did read through your post and mine were still not working. But doing the above fixed the issue.


@Droopydroors… OK… I’ll keep those settings in mind… Seems like the DX6i may be a bit fussy.


I just got a scisky from bangood. This is the first time I have configured a fc. I cannot get it to go into bind mode. I soldered on a power lead and 4 8.5 motors. Plugged in a battery, I get green flashing light and blue light, but no red light. I plugged into a pc on cleanflight, but also only get green flashing and a blue light, no red. What am I doing wrong?


@Skootetrash74 have you set the receiver tab in cleanflight?


Maybe a faulty red led.
Plug it in via usb, wait 10-20 sec. And try to bind it even without blinking red.


Good point, never thought of that.


I am waiting for a new devo 7 tx to arrive. My current tx may or may not bind with the fc. I did go into the reciever tab on cf, set it to spektrum Jr etc… it still won’t show a red light. I suspect the red led could be bad. I also have another fc coming from banggood.


If you have indeed order a Devo 7, that was a unlucky choice!

Hope you mean the 7e because Devo7 is not supported by the Devation firmware. In case of that you can not flash the firmware to get DSM2/DSMX support.

See the link below…