How to set up Scisky FC step by step


Hi, does anybody have frsky version of the board? How do you bind it to the TX? Thanks


There is no frsky scisky board that I know of. I use a 4in1 multimodule to use DSM2 on my Taranis.


So, I got the SciSky FC a few days ago from GetFPV, and I flashed Betaflight 3.3.0 onto the board, and bound my Taranis QX7 to it using D8 mode (The red LED turned solid). However, the green LED was still blinking, even though it was sitting on a flat surface for quite some time. Once I plugged my FC into Betaflight, my controller was not showing any readouts in the Betaflight ‘Reciever’ page. I set up the board according to the instructions I found here: F3FCfirmware+FlashingGuide.pdf. Help!!


Ever get this to work? I’m in the same boat, I’m definitely bound because I set the protocol to spektrum I get movement on the channels, it’s garbage, but it responds to my QX7… but nothing when set to sbus. I’ve tried about 15 different FWs now and all types of crazy combinations of settings, no luck.


When you say it’s garbage, do you mean the channel mapping is wrong? That can be changed via the gui or CLI so that’s good.
I flew my Sciskys w a dx6i, spektrum. I vaguely remember having to custom map them.
Unfortunately I burned them both up when airmode first came out- strong MMW motors, weak FETS and poor piloting. :roll_eyes:
I’ll re-read this thread later and see if it jogs any of my memory


Its garbage because all channels go crazy when I touch the sticks. But after playing with it I finally figured it out. Needed the original firmware from (they mark it for warlock 80 or something) but you need the sbus one (for frsky) unfortunately it’s super buggy, you have to check the receiver channel after EVERY change made, it randomly breaks and you need to reflash. Oh and NEVER touch the receiver settings in the configuration tab, it always breaks, so just leave it alone. I’ll update this with a better written instructions once I’m on my pc.


Ok, so I’m pretty sure the one I got was defective lol. I can get it to work most of the time, but it’s a little wonky. The retailer ended up RMAing me another and man it’s night and day lol, plugged in first time everything works perfect with the stock FW! But just incase anyone cares, if you end up with one that’s a lil stubborn like my first one, you need to flash it with “Betaflight firmware for Warlark-80 SBUS” (assuming you have the FRSKY rx build in version) FW download found here:

Once flashed, and assuming you’re bound (red light solid) [for me, on the Frsky taranis QX7, I plugged fc in, press and hold button on RC until red light blinks fast, let go. If still blinking fast we’re in bind mode. Turn TX on, use D8 (D16 will not work) and press bind. Red light should go solid.] then open BF and go to receiver tab. Your channels should work now. Just note, after every change you must check the receiver tab again to verify it still works. It breaks randomly lol, and remember, NEVER change the receiver settings on the configuration tab (the receiver tab is ok to change settings) even if it says spektrum or something other than SBUS, if it’s working just leave it (it could change several time while setting up your FC, makes no sense)

Also, the 3 color LEDs on the FC,
blue idk what that is, I read it was acc but I turned mine off and still blue, maybe gyro? Mines always on.
Red, slow blink means not bound or no TX in range. Fast blink means binding mode. Solid means bound and TX is on and in range.
Green, will blink a few times when you first turn it on. Set the fc down so its level (mostly) and it will turn off after a few fast blinks. Configure your arm (switch, button, etc) and when you arm your quad green will go solid indicating its armed.

Hope this helps someone. Worst case, get another one and hope it works first try lol