How to set up Scisky FC step by step


Thx for the kind words @quadlifepro.
I just try to give back what I received from the fellas in this community.
I’m very busy right know and it’s hard for me to follow all the threads here, I will keep on trying to answer and help it where I can, but my spare time is very limited these days.
I’m very glad to see there are more and more micro quad enthusiasts joining this awesome community and spread the spirit and share knowledge to help each other and inspire everybody who’s caught by this ever evolving addiction.


Sorry for my stupid answer but anyone have added a buzzer on scisky? Or I have to buy f3 board for this?


You have to do some delicate soldering to a leg of the stm32 chip. A small soldering tip, good silicone wire, Kapton tape, magnifiers and flux are your friends. But it works.
Have a look here how to do it.


This is why good silicon wire is important :

There are smaller/lighter buzzers available, look on RMRC
Here is is in action:


Just be really careful not to get solder under the cpu pins, it takes ages of patience to get it out again. Don’t ask how I know :roll_eyes:


I can try first with the multitude of my die fc… Oblivious the fortune it’s a big variable in my life!
But after fx758 band mod and devo 7e long range or mosfets fix, this is fresh water…
This is best buzzer I have found. it’s on racercube too. But I can’t find it alone.
Otherwise… If I have an fc, work with usb cable, don’t work with battery. If I use USB, betaflight and batteries all work! Only batteries. No… 5v module?


If you want I can send you one of those square buzzers.
And maybe one of those round ones too.

It’s a little bit late for Christmas presents but anyway, pm me your address and it will go out to Italy the next days.


So, can anyone tell me what the round button, in the upper right of the SciSky, does?


I’m not certain, but I believe it’s a bind button for the built in futaba rx.
I would assume bind dsm/dsmx as normal, or bind button press for futaba?
From Banggood:


Confirmed, after minimal digging. It’s a bind button.


Ack, sorry for leaning on you, @Kamsleo69 . I looked, but not enough obviously. Thank you, I’ll dig better.


I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, your thorough.
It goes both ways my friend.


Thought this button is for changing channels if you use the additional oversky vtx.
But seems like it’s also operating as bind button, but only with the futaba rx version.


Like this perfect job, it’s possible find buzzer in f3 chip? I have spracing frsky for woop and just need buzzer… LoL and thanks a lot!


I can’t arm St all. Bound fine. How do I arm the motors!


Arming is a very delicate dance between the numbers received from your tx and the default settings in cf/bf.
Here is some info from GitHub on arming:

If your still having issues, we will need some numbers from you and we can help you work it out.


I may have asked this before, but is there a way to put white leds on a scisky?


In the sense of changing the red, green or blue one?
Or adding LEDs?


adding leds


I use some of those adafruit sequins. Tiny, bright and lightweight. And no additional resistors needed. I power them directly from battery pads.
You can also use tiny SMD leds or bigger 3mm leds. But with those you’ll need to add appropriate resistors.

You can also add programmable leds search for WS2812
Here’s a post in German 'bout that. But there are also descriptions in English out there.