How to secure loose props - dental floss mod

were are you guys buying your
parrot props from?

Just ordered some from China. Haven’t received them. Hope they’re originals.

Before some here in Germany. They were 4€ before Christmas.

This is simply awesome, Thanks :wink:

Could I count on some feedback on those props when you get them? The price seems awesome if they are originals ;D

great idea! i have some non-parrot props that would love to actually use!!!

Awesome! How do you manage to secure the end that comes out of the prob?

I just trim it off. I have now successfully used a prop that needed 4 passes of the @chrisdo Floss Method. Or the CFM as i refer to it now.


I’ll take your loose props if you plan on throwing them away I have to drill out my parrots or any other brand props anyways for my 1.5mm brushless motors so if you want to throw them in a baggie and an envelope I can send you a self addressed envelope for you to send them to me or if you have a stock pile I’ll pay for a padded envelope for you to ship them to me in . let me know could use the props for my micro brushless quads that font use 3" propellers! Thanks!!

RI h to.m

Does this method have any effect on prop balance? My first thought was that the shaft would be pushed ever so slightly out of center.

I have two sets of parrots which are too loose to use, I tried using glue on one of the sets and it seemed to impact the balance more than I liked.

Me had no issues with this method.
Maybe ca glue adds more material to the hub. Did this before and it worked for me too. But I hate messing around with this glue.
Also the floss method is easy to apply out in the field. Way more comfortable than ca glue.

Hi there !

Thanks for your post. It did help a lot for me as it works well and I have much less propellers pop out during flights.

I made a video from my personal experience to insert the dental floss on props => Micro quad FPV : How to fit props with dental floss

If your Props still fly off use 2 pieces of floss to make it even tighter.

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I just read a post on RCGroups saying you can use very fine sandpaper to sand the motor shaft just a little and the scratched up motor shaft will help propellers stay on much better. I’m going to try that this weekend.

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I have just ordered some Oral B Ultra Floss, I remember using this years ago. Its fairly stretchy, coarse and thins out when you put tension on it, widens again a little when tension is relaxed. It may be pretty perfect for this application.

I’ll post back when it arrives with some pics.

Floss arrived in the post this morning.

A few pics below, 1.25 JST for scale. As you can see it thins out considerably with some tension and springs back after, it is also unwaxed and fairly grippy.

Did you ever try that sandpaper trick to increase grip?

I think I tried it when I first got my Hubsan X4 but have only ever had the issue a few times myself, when the props have been used for some time and then it was about time to swap the rest out too, from damage etc.

I just scuffed up the shaft of an old dead motor and will probably continue to do this on my future builds. I have some parrot clone props that at first test fit seemed really tight but once they are on fully, come off quite easliy.

Some light strokes with 150 grit foam pads I have took the sheen off nicely.

When indoors near my supplies I also try to wipe any excess oil from the shaft with something solvent, contact cleaner or some spectacle wipes. I tend to over lube sometimes to load up the brass bushings. I just got some Isopropyl alcohol in so will be using that from now on.

Some thing like this, leaving some room as to not effect the bearing surface(green line).

So you lubricate your brushed motors? what do you use for this and does it actually help the motors?

I use a very fine needled syringe with a mix of fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil and 3%-5% ZX-1 ExtraLube (friction reduction additive, I really like this stuff in my motorcyle fluids). Press the plunger enough to get a small droplet on the tip of the needle and dab the bearing surfaces untill theres a very small pool. Leave sit for a while, maybe even plug in a battery and spin the motors up briefly, then wipe away any excess. Pretty much the same process I have seen mentioned as using a pin to get a droplet of oil right where you want it.

Older motors that have run dry can have quite a bit of play (esp cheap ebay ones), you can visibly and audibly notice in extreme cases. In theory keeping the porous brass bush topped up with oil should reduce this wear and heat/vibration/noise too.

I never got round to picking up some Mucoff Ceramic lube so just used what I have from my motorcycle supplies.

I doubt I have been through as many sets of motors as some of you guys but the sets I have used up, the signaling factor for replacement has been shorter flight times and “clicky” brushes, as opposed to extra noise/rattles I got from my very first non lubed and abused Hubsan X4. Motors don’t seem to get that hot on Hubsan FCs but a dry bearing can get noticeably warmer. So this should also extend its life, again in theory.


Ha what an awesome mod! I’ll have to try it.