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How to improve range on nano qx


I’m having issues with range while flying my nano qx. It only happens when outside but I fly in a wide open field. At around 40 feet I lose connection and it either continues on the path it was on or all power is lost. Either way it ends up falling out of the sky 95% of the time. The other 5% I regain connection because I run towards the quad just in time to save it. I am using the radio that came with the qx. I already upgraded the motors to the Rakon 6mm and to the picnic quads folding frame. Would getting a better radio or a different control board solve this problem? If so which one would be best? If not what else can I do?



Getting the antenna on the nano out from under the frame will yield a massive gain in reception.
Is there anything by the field, Houses, business?
Check the solder joints on the Tx and RX antennas.
Check ur tx batteries are not needing replacement aswell.


Just homes and a school by the field. I’ll switch out the TX batteries I still have the original ones in there.


I guess you are using the small “game controller - like” transmitter, right?
Don’t expect massive range with that thing. Nevertheless, if it used to work better before, maybe it’s the TX batteries or the antennas.

There are plenty of options to improve this situation. Totally depends on what you want.
New radio only? New radio, new receivers, new FCs?


Yes I’m using the controller that came with the qx rtf. I’m shopping for a new radio and bigger quad right now but plan on still flying this guy around. Would you recommend getting a new reciever along with a new radio or fc and radio?


Hard to answer question.
What’s your budget? What are your plans for the future?
There is an massive amount of possible options you can choose from. It totally depends on what you want and how much you want to/can pay for it.

I think a lot of pilots use FrSky equipment (Including me), but there are other options. If you don’t get a DSMX capable radio, you wont be able to use your NQX FC with it. If you want to switch to FrSky - there are additional modules which you can use to control your NQX FC.


The antenna connection may be loose on either end of the radio system, the dilope antenna on the transmitter is pointing towards the quad (bad), or wifi might be interfering


So I just ordered the **FlySky FS-i6-M2 controller. Hoping this will improve the range to an acceptable level. I’m not looking for range of a mile plus just maybe double the 30 feet I’m getting now.


I have no clue about FlySky radios. Can that thing even do DSMX?

btw. FlySky is not FrSky. The RC-controller market is very complicated.
Maybe this helps - https://rejectedorigins.wordpress.com/2017/01/03/flysky-transmitters-what-to-know-before-you-buy/

If you are planning to get deeper into the hobby it makes sense to invest a little more into a proper radio that lasts you a lot of years. A 35 EUR radios probably isn’t top notch. It might get the job done for a while. I exactly bought two radios for this hobby - a Dx6i when I was flying a lot of Horizon Hobby things and later switched to FrSky and bought a proper FrSky X9D+. For ~150 EUR you can get an really awesome radio, but that’s not exactly cheap anymore.


Buying a new radio will not help- especially a flysky. You absolutely need to invest in a good radio. A great budget option is the $100 or less taranis qx7 (frsky). There are a ton of aspects of radio link systems, and imho the most important are power output and the antenna. A 25mW output on the flysky with the stock antenna may go at most 50m, while a 25mW frsky transmitter with a diamond or 5dB antenna will go much further. While you don’t want to go a mile, penetration is important as well. With the flysky (my radio I used when I started) I would falisafe behind a tree only 40 feet away. Flysky also uses ppm instead of sbus or other, faster protocols, which results in less accuracy in flight. As a racer and freestyle pilot, I can say that the upgrade to frsky was one of the biggest and best changes I have made in this hobby.