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How to fly on "rails"?


so i wish it was something other than pilot error… but went searching around for some technique videos and seems i am falling into some bad habits, specifically turns. now that i have seen it explained with examples, much better idea of what i need to do to improve.

basically, i have been not syncing up my roll and yaw proportionally and properly.

wish it was the PIDs :angry:

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So, made HUGE improvement by switching to 2.1mm lens. Like a horse who had its blinders taken off! Now need to find micro camera with super wide FOV, I think the one I have is widest available… Sure hope so.

Also have started to use roll more than yaw…



Nice. Noticing a difference? Feel a little more locked in?



yeah, the FOV increase helped tremendously. it creates a much better defined center visual than narrower FOV for me as well as much greater environmental awareness and increased stick adjustment resolution.

as for the use of roll, now i need to work on coming out of turn acceleration, was hauling out of it yesterday. amazing when you dont drift how much speed you maintain+gain.

to think 2 days ago i was in a complete funk about my lack of progress and then BOOM! next level acheived.

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That’s a great feeling and one of the reasons this hobby is so great. Always room for improvement and new goals to set.

Well done, man!



that and the constant tinkering… at some point i might be good enough to realize my PIDs arent as tweaked as they could be but noticing stuff while flying and then going to find a solution to the weakness, whether its skill/technique related such as i was having or equipment as i also found with the lens, or rates. PIDs… whatever.