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How to Flash this ESC



Anyone know how to flash this ESC, I used Blheli_S and it’s not detected. Also is that support Dshot or Oneshot only. Help me please, Thank you.


Straight blheli means it probably only does oneshot125 as far as I know. I’m far from the be all end all of older quad parts though.

Not sure on the programming, the blheli escs I used I could program via blheli configurator in chrome when wired to a FC.


Oneshot125, I think you’re right. But about blheli configurator, I’ve tried and it’s connected, but blheli configurator show blank page, and doesn’t show anything else. I try to contact the admin and they say my esc not supported (can not be connected) to blheli configurator.


Is the quad plugged in? BLHeli won’t connect otherwise…


Yes, I wired to FC (Omnibus F3) and then I connected to betalfight, FC runs properly, but ESC not detected. I used oneshot 125. When I connect to BLheli Configurator (via chrome) and or blheli_suite, it can’t be detected. Do you know how to solve it? maybe there are some other application to flash it?