How to flash acro on e011 (or h8mini blueboard)

I made this video a while back and havent really posted before on the mmw forum (i think :slight_smile: . So here is my first video.

I had trouble before flashing the h8mini and this method helped aswell.
I havent had problems with flashing the h101 boaed and h8mini green board before these ones.

I’m in preparation for my first silverware flash with an e011 FC.
Haven’t messed with stuff like that till now so I’m trying to do my homework first.
I saw that @burtlo’s video where he was using the vias and soldered on a connector.

The vias are well marked at the front of the E011 board. With the H8 Mini “blue” boards, there were mixed up labels on two pads; this is not an issue with the E011.

Any other questions, just shoot, @chrisdo!


The small front connector holes (vias?)arent mixed and correctly marked. But the bottom pads i used on the e011 are also mixed up, like the blueboard h8mini.

Thx. I will have some questions for sure.
So connect fc to stlink:
swdio to swdio,
swclk to swclk,
gnd to gnd.

Haha, I was first to flash a blue h8 board after silver13 got the code sorted and for days I couldn’t repeat it with my other boards. We spent ages trying to work out how it could work once but not again until I realised I’d originally wired it wrongly (correct for the mislabelled pads) and it had flashed fine.
I’ve not played with silverware for ages, maybe I should pick up one of these E011 things :smiling_imp:

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On the top vias, that’s correct.

I have one E011 that I cannot get to reconnect that runs dual mode. I wanted to flash it to Acro only but for the life of me it doesnt work. My other E011 FC is fine so it may just be a bad board that still works. Thanks for uploading this here @Canino

Thanks CRay. Maybe you killed the bottom pads with too much solderheat? Look for traces to scrape if that is so and resolder or use the vias.
I busted my first e011 and it doesnt bind anymore. Lights do flash tho. I had the camera canopy on top (from the nihui 010) and crashed upside down while flying in acro. I think i busted the crystal or something. Havent had time to fix it.

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I’ll give it another go.

Edit: nevermind