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How to fix the LunchBoxV2


Hello my friends,

this thread shall serve as a working thread for for a purely technical discussion to create a guide to fix the technical issues with the FPV ground station “LunchBoxV2”

The lunchbox is riddled with problems, so lets have a look in side to see what we can fix:

5.8GHz video receiver
known problems: diversity and auto-scan does not work
solution: flash a fixed version of the firmware
@Blu’s guide to flashing the RX board and the DVR board:

menu display
known problems: a few rows of pixels are yellow or missing
solution: replace display

DVR (video recorder)
problems: low frame rate on live display while recording and playback
solutions: to allow full frame rate output while recording, rewiring is needed. Low frame rate on playback cannot be fixed.

Lipo charger and buttons:

main display and driver:

USB charger & buttons for DVR
known problems: does not charge iPhones

display and controller
known problems: red stripe on the screen
solution: remove screen protector :wink:

power distribution and battery protection circuit:
known problems: batteries are dead on many units
solution: replace with good batteries

This top post is wiki-enabled to allow collaboration on above items.


Wes and I have both modified ours extensively. He’s written a Google document covering all of the steps. I’ll see if he would like to adapt it to Wiki markup for this thread. :smile:


Let’s use this thread as an overview and internal discussion, and the google doc as external guide that contains only the features.


updated top post with pictures and started to assemble the problems and potential fixes


Here is the guide to flashing the RX board and the DVR board!


thanks, included in top post!


Following the LunchboxFPV page on Facebook it appears that they’re working hard to get all the issues fixed, so that thee are good to go out of the box. Has anyone received one lately that didn’t have to be fixed?


I ordered on back at the end of October and received it a short time after. Just started using it this morning and I am assuming the battery had little charge as it was dead shortly after firing it up. I contacted Jason on IG about charging the unit, how long should it take? I don’t want to leave it plugged in too long and risk damaging the battery if that is a possibility. Also hoping that I didn’t hurt the battery by draining it too far.

I will keep you guys posted of any issues if any arise. I am still a newb at all of this so bear with me if I ask too many questions!


As I said in the top post, I want to focus on technical aspects of this topic here.
So to avoid dragging in the drama thats going on behind the scenes, I will keep it very brief and say: Its very unlikely that the LunchBox people will help you in any way. There are hundreds if not thousand of these boxes out there which have a range of serious flaws, including dead batteries, and no Lunch was served, only a big stack of excuses.

Now back to the local program.

You have two practical options:

  • run your box off external power (In this case I recommend to open it and disconnect and remove the battery)
  • source and install your own battery. You need a 3S 18650 with battery management circuit. Pretty much any good quality pack of that kind will do.

I would suggest to not bother replacing the battery. Just take it out and discard, then run off external power.
Even with a good battery, the box will only run for an hour and a bit, and that’s without using the built-in charger (which I dont recommend to use for safety reasons).


Totally understand not wanting to get into any drama or trash talking, not why I responded. Bama3Dr was curious if anyone had purchased one recently, which I have, and if they were experiencing any issues.

I received a reply from Jason answering my question about charge time, he said generally 4.5 to 5 hours. Unit is operating as advertised after charging, the battery is functional. I am however getting some reception issues, working on possible soultions, thinking my vtx antenna was too close to the battery power wires? Going through anything I can think of before assuming I need to flash it with the Pro Diversity, but watching the unit while in use only one of the receivers is lighting up indicating a signal being received, the other never illuminates… (Edit, for good reason, no LEDs on that side :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your help and support @Benedikt I know you have been a big help to this community! I am still a newb at all of this, and am assuming operator error more than equipment issues, will see!


With the original firmware, diversity doesnt work on the Lunchbox.
You should update the firmware using the doc linked in the top post.

To confirm if your video issues are on the receiving or transmitting side, an elimination process is often useful.
Do you have another receiver/screen/goggle to check if you get good video over there. If you see the same issues, you need to trouble-shoot the transmitter.


Hello, where can I find a new Menu display if I wanted to replace it. I also have the yellow pixels at the top. Thanks!


Hello Wes, I have followed the instructions but the logos on the menu are still coming up which I assume means it did not take. The TX/RX lights are flashing when uploading and all seems to go OK but no change in the programming. One thing I noticed is on my menu display the rotor riot logo is just the skull picture and does not show the rotor riot name, could I have a different setup? Really appreciate any help you can offer.



Make sure the reset pin(one off on its own) is getting good contact on the cap


Thanks for the help so far. I know the reset pin has a good connection as the led behind the board is turning off.

The upload gets to 85% and then times out which is when I get this error - avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 10 of 10: not in sync: resp=0x8e Problem uploading to board.


Double check your wiring. That means the bird is not talking back. Also make sure you use the upload using programmer and not the upload button


OK finally got it. WOW does this work much better now! I can’t believe how fast it searches, video is much better now also. I had to wipe the memory by uploading a blank program and than uploaded your program to get it to work. Works awesome, really appreciate the help. Up next is to update the video and maybe tackle the battery issue. Thanks again!



Having another issue, I flashed the DVR per the instructions and now the DVR OSD is displayed all the time! More specifically a “Card Error” is displayed when no SD card is installed. Is there a way of making this message go away?

See video -




I think I have mine dialled in as well. I flashed the receiver with the rx5808 diversity and was getting static. With help from @ddfwaj I went back in and flashed it with a blank code, then reflashed with the diversity coding and it seems to be working. I may not have had to do the reflashing, as I found my issue was most likely not calibrating the rssi… D’oh! After doing so I have it working, displaying the video feed from my vtx. I am still having the same issues with reception as before flashing to rx5808 though, with the video feed cutting out on me during flight, generally immediately after take-off. Is this happening to anyone else? Finding it very difficult to fly like this. I do appreciate all the help, this community is nice to have for support!


These are the changes I made to mine: