How to fix the LunchBoxV2


Hello my friends,

this thread shall serve as a working thread for for a purely technical discussion to create a guide to fix the technical issues with the FPV ground station “LunchBoxV2”

The lunchbox is riddled with problems, so lets have a look in side to see what we can fix:

5.8GHz video receiver
known problems: diversity and auto-scan does not work
solution: flash a fixed version of the firmware
@Blu’s guide to flashing the RX board and the DVR board:

menu display
known problems: a few rows of pixels are yellow or missing
solution: replace display

DVR (video recorder)
problems: low frame rate on live display while recording and playback
solutions: to allow full frame rate output while recording, rewiring is needed. Low frame rate on playback cannot be fixed.

Lipo charger and buttons:

main display and driver:

USB charger & buttons for DVR
known problems: does not charge iPhones

display and controller
known problems: red stripe on the screen
solution: remove screen protector :wink:

power distribution and battery protection circuit:
known problems: batteries are dead on many units
solution: replace with good batteries

This top post is wiki-enabled to allow collaboration on above items.


Wes and I have both modified ours extensively. He’s written a Google document covering all of the steps. I’ll see if he would like to adapt it to Wiki markup for this thread. :smile:


Let’s use this thread as an overview and internal discussion, and the google doc as external guide that contains only the features.


updated top post with pictures and started to assemble the problems and potential fixes


Here is the guide to flashing the RX board and the DVR board!


thanks, included in top post!


Following the LunchboxFPV page on Facebook it appears that they’re working hard to get all the issues fixed, so that thee are good to go out of the box. Has anyone received one lately that didn’t have to be fixed?