How to figure out no FPV video on googles


Havent heard about this problem at all for this drone. So something had to break. I have landed in snow a couple times, but turned it off pretty fast so it shouldnt do any damage to it, …and everything else works just fine so I really dont know. And one of the connectors on FC pcb is gone because when I took that connector away, it was a bit weak and got ripped off with it.


Hi, I have exactly same problem with same quad did You resolve the issue? was the FC faulty, or did settings in beta flight help?


Yep, I’m the same, same quad with exactly the same problem, anyone get a fix yet?


I have “fixed” it by bypassing FC. I connected camera straight to VTX. I tried to hook it up through FC but it is probably broken in some way of processing video and sending it to VTX. So just connect it straight to VTX and you should be fine, even without OSD information but still better than no video.


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Here is the solution😉
Only you have no OSD😞