How to control motors manually in MultiWii? (for hovercraft)


I have a lot of AlienWii Classic FCs sitting dormant because I mainly fly Whoop frames these days.
But… I expect a box of Whoov foam kits in the next few weeks, so I want to build a bunch of hovercrafts with these FCs.
I need direct control over the 4 motor outputs. No gyro, no accelerometer, no mixing, just straight forward control on all 4 channels.
Eventually, I want to use one knob to control the two horizontal props, and then a mix on the Tx to control the two vertical props with one gimbal.

I have experimented with #define FLYING_WING and #define AIRPLANE, but I only could get direct control over 1-2 channels.

Anyone of you guys firm enough in MultiWii to help me getting this working?
For significant contribution to a solution, Im offering Classic Aliens as bounty!


Why no gyro @Benedikt? I forked silverware to create “whooverware” and did extensive testing trying different axis of stabilization. I settled on gyro/pid control of yaw mixed with throttle on push motors and a seperate throttle for lift motors. It works great. I connected the seperate lift motor throttle to the pitch stick so that it can be actively adjusted while cruising and that makes a HUGE difference in control. Killing lift is like brakes, but reducing just a little lift will cause it to maintain a more forward line (exit a drift). Increasing lift will extend the drift into a wider turn if you initiated a turn that’s too tight.

Anyway, I’d be happy to look at the code for you but unfortunately will not be able to test the edits since I don’t have any multiwii stuff. But I’m not sure I understand what you’re going for with no stabilization at all. It’s very much needed on yaw to whoov. If it’s something you still want to persue - let me know and I’ll buy a board and build a whoov for it.


Hey Travis, thanks a lot for joining in!

Im not convinced at this stage that I dont need yaw stabilization.
I want to start from a clean slate and then add stabilization.
A big part of the fun for me is to start from scratch.

I have some pieces of MultiWii code that allow dynamic control of PIDs, and it my experience with wheel-based drifting, there is not one yaw gain that allows godo control in all maneuvers.
If you want to go straight or maintain a drift angle, high gain is good. But if you want to crank it through a hairpin or do donuts, a high yaw gain will hinder that.
Not sure how this applies to hovercrafts, but we will see.

I can also imagine that some stabilization on the lift motor can make sense to keep the craft level.

So getting rid of everything else is just the beginning :wink:

If you want to spend some time on this, happy to send you a board!


Cool, start me off with a link to where I find the code if you don’t mind or have one handy. I never looked into multiwii before. I cut my teeth on Baseflight and open pilot. Lol. After reviewing the code … I should know if I can pull it off. I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to, but it seems responsible to at least take a look first before we proceed. I’m excited! New life for old stuff - I love that idea!!!


Great, please download the code here!
You will need Arduino IDE to compile.