How to Change batteries to XT30 plugs

Well from my keeping up with the Atom thread on RCgroups I have been staring a cart full of these bad boys down all day trying to decide if I “Need” them or not. They are supposed to be awesome. as they are LiHV batteries and 80C, plus they come with the XT30.

But what I bought was these here. For the price they do the job. They also have a 480mAh version as well.

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@Denovich I think that xt30’s would be ok, even with the 1407, on your small frame you can’t fit the big props, and the tri-blades while they will draw more amps(not tested them yet) the in air amps are going to be 25-35% less than on the stand because the prop unloads/not static, and your not going to be on full power for long. Also, depending on the awg size your cable is, the xt30 may well out rate it any way.

Worst case it will fly the same but you might have a lightly warmed plug when you land in my opinion. That said I still have xt60’s on everything that takes 3s, because I have been too lazy to buy and fit the xt30’s…and because I use the same batteries on some other craft that need an xt60.

I want an xt15-20 for really small powerful 2s and even 1s things…they should make me one haha. Or a jst with 25% more pin area…

So is it okay to use xt60 on my atom? I’m afraid that it Will it stck out to much?

You could get away with it. It’s just most of the batteries the right size come with Red JST or XT30. And XT60s weigh twice that of a XT30

Have you seen the new revised xt60+, lighter, smaller, higher amp rating and backwards compatible(so hk say…I ordered a pack to look at)

Those look pretty neat. I hadn’t seen those yet. I wonder if they will catch on.