How to Change batteries to XT30 plugs

Hey guys,

While I changed all my batteries to XT30 plugs, I recorded me doing it and took the time to make a tutorial on how to do it. Not that it is difficult, just I always like seeing a guide first and none where available when I was looking. Let me know what you guys think. This was my first attempt at a tutorial or doing any editing other than flight footage. (I used Adobe Premiere Pro)

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:


Good job and great tutorial! What is the weight of the xt30 plugs vs the weight of the red jst?

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.72g for the male xt-30
.90g for the female xt-30

These are my go to plugs for everything. Amazing little plugs and not that much weight for how high of amp they are rated.

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Excellent video quality!

I do it just a tad different. Xt30 facing up so I can fill the cavity with solder and gravity helps to fill the inside of the cavity. I then put flux on the already tinned wire and a little on the solder on the connector. I hold the wire facing down with the end of the wire fitting into the cavity. A quick touch of the iron against the wire and all the solder liquifies quickly. I push in and down and boom. Super solid. No overflow. No inside solder gaps or cold solder.

The way you did it is perfectly fine. Mine isnt any better I’m just sharing.

Way to go man. Seriously a well done video!

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Good to the point guide.

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Thanks for all the kind words guys. I really enjoyed creating the guide and using all the features I could to give it as good of production value as u could. After having done the editing i feel like I have a better understanding of what shots I need to record for my next guide.

I will weigh out how much a female JST and the 2 crimps weigh and compare to the female xt30 when I get home today. I’m actually curious myself if it is a lot more or not.

I’m curious how mine will compare to yours. I ordered mine from HK.

Thanks! I actually just used my Note 5 to record and it did a really good job.

Thanks for sharing your method. I always like to hear other styles of getting something done. I have just started using flux this past couple builds as I had never had it before. I hadn’t thought about using it that much in the process but I can see where it would definately help. Flux has changed the soldering game for sure for me.

Thanks buddy :). Thanks for watching.

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I also ordered mine from HK :slight_smile: . From what I’ve seen the weights are pretty consistant. My problem is my scale fluctuates just a tiny bit but what I posted should be pretty similar to yours.

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There is a million ways to do the same job!

As for flux, welcome to the party! Its our best friend. Do yourself a favor and graduate to flux paste. You’ll be in heaven.

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I will have to add that to my next purchase. :slight_smile:

Your other flux will sit idol, I promise. This stuff works faster, can be applied much easier, and just makes everything much smoother. Its not expensive and you can easily snag it from Amazon.

Amazon is my go to for everything that can be primed to my front door in 2 days. It will sit in my cart till the next purchase lol

I’m a prime addict, so I can relate.

Got Prime Now in your area yet? We were a test area. Its awesome but lots of trouble for my wallet.

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Sadly no prime now for me yet. I am jealous but okay with saving the money lol

Here are the results of me weighing my XT30s and Red JSTs. Essentially the XT30s are double the weight of the Red JSTs

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Thanks for the info. From @Benedikt testing, I wonder how much more punch one would get from this connector?

I don’t know scientific data on this but would think once you hit 3S and above you would be cheating yourself to have anything smaller than an xt30.

Once you have 1104 on 3s, or the bigger motors, you NEED this plug, I would suggest that even on 2s the higher KV 1105’s are asking much more than the red jst can give. Free your amps, give them a nice big plug lol.


What about with 1407s? Think an XT30 can handle it? It would be a 6g savings.

Question for you brushless pros :grinning: what lipos do you use/recommend for 3s on smaller builds 120-160mm with 1105 4000kv & 20a ESCs?? Definitely going to use these xt30 connectors. Thanks in advance!

Max Amps, Mylipo, Nano Tech.

I try to keep the mAh between 400 and 600.

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