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How to care for your batteries?


How do you best care for you 205Mh MyLipos?

Paralel charge okay?
1C charge or 3C as they are rated as?

How long would you leave them fully charged? Do you make a point of Storage Charging them after each flight (would you trust the NanoQX LVC to discharge them enough)?

I find I don’t get much time to fly and have probably ruined my stock batteries from leaving them charged 7+ days. I tend to parallel charge them and leave them in parallel until I fly. Now next to none of them work. :smile:
How long do little 1S batteries usually last?


Always charge at 1C to keep the life of the battery as long as possible. Only charge at a higher rate if you’re short on time and have nothing charged.

I’m kinda lazy with micro battery storage voltages. I tend to pop a drained battery on the charger for a couple minutes then take it off for storage without monitoring the actual voltage. I guess this is better than leaving them dry or fully charged.

The LVC for any micro will not leave the battery at a storage voltage, so putting a little charge on it afterwards is a good idea.


Hello friend :smiley:
I believe that to have a good storage, the batteries must be charged and 'then discharged, the best thing and do it with a charger that has cycles of charge and discharge a good voltage for storage and of 3,80- 3 85 I’ve always very well with these rules, the battery. lipoly :wink:


Keeping batteries charged reduces their life. How much exactly, I don’t know. But as a rule of thumb, I try not to store my batteries full for more than a day. If I have have charged them, I see it as my duty to fly them.

Charging batteries with more than 1C also reduces their life. Again, I don’t know how much, but I try to always plan ahead and charge at 1C. But if I’d miss out on flight time, I charge them at 2C. That’s half on hour. I wait half an hour and answer some questions in the meantime :wink:

Temperature reduces battery life time. At the same time, temperature increases performance. I don’t cool my batteries, but I take care not to expose them to heat (car, sun). When I go fly, I store full packs in my left pants pocket to keep them warm. Empty ones go to the right pocket.

Finally, don’t discharge them too much! Anything below 3.6 resting (!) voltage is too low. If you punch the throttle on a 3.6V battery, you can easily drop the voltage below 3.0V, which is not good for the battery and the electronics usually don’t like it either.

Parallel charging is OK, but poses some risk. If you connect batteries, they have to be very close in voltage, or you get compensation currents that can exceed the charge rates. Also, calculate charge rate properly!
If you do it right, parallel charging is perfectly OK.


Yeh good advice all.
I think I just need to not leave them sitting so long and refresh them to storage values when I’m home again.

Usually when I arrive home it’s to an exhausted wife and a couple of crazy two year olds. So for me to just say “wait a moment while I charge my batteries” is a bit misnomer!


I have a hv 1s lipo charger and there’s a switch indicating 0.2A at one side and 0.6A on the other. I wonder what it does and if it is safe to switch it to 0.6A. My batteries are GNB 260 and I only charge them up to 4.2v.


The 0.6A setting just means that your batteries will charge faster, not to a higher voltage. It’s safe but will decrease the battery lifetime.