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How much crashes can my tiny whoop withstand?


Yeehaw mates, I just built myself a beta65s build with a z01 cam white canopy blue frame and F3 FC, And this is a dumb question, How much can I crash him without damage?



No dumb questions except the ones that don’t get asked. That frame is very durable and should withstand a lot of crashing. A major concern if this is the first Whoop for you is to continually check under the props for debris. Specifically flying indoors any hairs, dust or threads will get wound around the props. Practice cutting throttle or disarming when you see a crash about to happen. That’s going to help keep that flying at peak performance as far as the motors and power they can produce. If debris does get wound around the shaft between the propellor and top of the motor it will work the motors harder and also reduce performance.


Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll start checking props from now on.


Well I crashed mine once and it was destroyed. Of course this was outside in MN in -10F temperatures and fell from about 100ft. I also had another one that withstood 100+ crashed inside with out much damage. Some soldering required hahahhaha


I assume that bitter cold made the frame a little brittle. That’s a bummer. We don’t get very cold here where I am so that’s something I haven’t really gotten to test myself but I have broken plenty of stuff carbon fiber, plastic, and poly carbonate. If something doesn’t get broke, you’re doing it wrong is what I used to say :joy: after I got off the E010 frames and they came out with the E010s frames I have yet to break a Whoop frame since. Camera and Vtx mmmm that’s a different story. I even stepped on one of the E010S frames that was in some tall grass and I did it twice before I found it. DVR was recording so I got footage (haha) of the stomping. When I picked it up struts were bent frame props all twisted and the frame was a little warped and creased but I bent it back into shape and it was still flyable for a while after that. A rebuild is a chance to do it better IMO like an excuse so you have to :grin:


Crashing breaks motors not the frame, in my experience.