How fast can a micro brushless quad go horizontally?


It’s more or less known that miniquads can usually reach around 100/150kph (60/90mph) horizontally but what about brushless micros (typical 2 inch, 3 inch quad)? The newest ones are said to fly like 5 inch quads, can they also reach similar speeds? Don’t know if i’m posting in the right category, if not please move this post.


I managed to go 50 km/h with a brushed 8.5mm quad flying from the car but I haven’t tried a brushless micro. I do remember this video:


Really interesting, 50kmh is exactly the speed i’ve guessed for brushed quads, were you pitching forward at the maximum possible angle? So according to the video you posted the lizard goes at 75/100 mph(allegedly) depending on the configuration, so these are more or less the speeds with a 3s, it would be interesting to know how does it compare to a 2s build with high kv motors.


Here is the test video, long time ago, think I could have pushed it and go faster but was afraid of losing it:

I have a 2s 1103 10000kv build so maybe I’ll try it this year :smiley:


@las hit about 80mph on GPS with his 2". My 1106 3" calculated to around 73mph on a measured distance.

Fast, in other words :smiley:


They are pretty fast. This is my Emax 1106, 3 inch 2-blade quadcopter, 3S in a punch out test. I also have some other videos on my channel.

I may do a horizontal test this weekend.


Thank you all for your replies, the video from the car was sick! also that emax seems really powerful, i was asking out of curiosity because i’ve just bought a kingkong gt95 and i did all the mods needed to make the thing behave like i want, like dshot, ibus (don’t know why the flysky receiver came soldered with ppm instead of ibus, really stupid on kingkong side, i mean no failsafe)

i’ve recently tested it on 2s and is faster than the brushed builds i was used to, but way more maneuverable, fc is a bit outdated but manageable.

it came with a stupid balance plug connector as pigtail, wires were only 22awg, i made myself a jst pigtail with 18awg wires so in a few days i will test it on 3s outside and see how quick it is.

they say 7800kv motors will burn out on 3s eventually. if they do i’ll replace them with some lower kv ones hoping the 4in1 esc doesn’t get fried too.


I received a little more lightweight GPS modules some days ago.
There will be new speed records soon, bad ideas are in progress. :smiley:


@las can’t wait to see your bad ideas, in the meantime i’ve tested the kingkong on a 3s and damn it’s fast, not pushing it i think i probably did 50 meters in 2 seconds, problem is that the 1935 triblade props it comes with are probably not good for 3s so i’m getting oscillations at the top of the throttle, i have ordered some hulkies 2040 triblades and some 2035 quadblades, if i’m still getting oscillations with those i’ll probably have to retune my pids.
i’m running 30 on the i term in both pitch and roll and motors weren’t even warm, might be because it’s winter but everything was fine.


2s to 3s is, in theory, more than 50% more power, that’ll need a PID retune almost always.
Try the hulky 1940, they’re said to be stiffer than the 2040 or 2035.


i see, i’ll check my tpa breakpoint settings and if it’s not enough i’ll use lower pids then.


This is not a full throttle flight but a 2" brushless on 3s it’s over 60kph for sure as my 6" with GPS flies the same speed just cruising at 60kph+