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How do you flip without crashing?


so my only real experience with making these suckers flip is with either an autoflip button or the pitch/roll flip in expert mode on the hubsan x4. is flipping a scisky/alien similiar to the hubsan x4? i’m pretty sure it won’t work in stabilize mode, i tried it once it acro and crashed heh. my scisky is only set to stable/horizon will it flip in horizon?

anyway, if anyone knows any good videos/tutorials on flipping i’d love to see/read them :slight_smile:

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In horizon you can do flips and rolls.
That’s the cool thing, it’s a mixture of angle and acro mode.
Get some height. Throttle up, give it full right stick input (direction you wanna flip/roll) and put down your throttle (to around 25% ideally) when it start turning. When flip is complete (or shortly before) apply throttle again. That’s it.
Even if you cut throttle completely it’ll flip. But not that elegant.
It’s all a timing thing, but if you’re rates are high enough it’s not that hard.

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Up your rates as @chrisdo says, it will help.



cool i’ll up my rates, i’m turning the propkiller scisky into a super bright LOS modified dreamcatcher i’ll be sure to try that out on it.



I fly my 8.5 dreamcatcher with Alienwii F1 (Nov. 28th 2015) and luxfloat PIDs from this thread.
Rates 0.45 / 0.45 / 0.65. RC rate 1, RC expo 0.5.
Love it.



1.0 / 1.0 / 1.2 / RC Rate 1, RX Expo 0.8+ :wink:



you may try to up rates and lower expo.
This will throw the quad faster with more force using less stick input. (great for throttle cut manual flips)
If you don’t like the snappy feel just up the expo again.
Also for a roll i like to go full throttle at start then reduce throttle as the loop progresses.
in a roll my throttle starts at full then reduces to almost zero when upside down then gradually raises to full again as i level out.

There are so many ways to do rolls and manual flips.
explore all of them to see what you prefer. :wink:



All the advice here sofar is spot on. Rates are important but don’t go too high, it will be hard to catch if it has too much roll and pitch authority. Horizon or acro mode only, no angle. If you raise rates to where its working but the quad is too twitchy or hard to control when just flying around you can raise expo to soften the inner sticks. Most of all with micros you need good throttle control.

Throttle up -> start a roll -≥ throttle down to about 20% -> throttle up and end the roll.

Airmode, motor stop off, or idle up switch can greatly aid in flips.

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