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Horrible range on my laforge? Main module? Diversity receiver? VtX?


Hey! so I recently recieved my Laforge main Module v4. I paired it with the latest laforge diversity module I just bought and a 25mw vtx, and i’m having some troubles with it. It seems to have terrible range! I tested it with the 25mw vtx shown in the dvr as well as a whoop that I know works, and they get the same range. The osd from the goggles is also occasionally breaking up into lines (not scrolling), but when I replug in my goggles it works. Any ideas? pretty sure its not my goggles, and I know with diversity I can get further than this, (at least I could with my crappy china goggles that I started out with). I ensured that the modules are connected, and they are safe in the goggles. Is it the main module? the Diversity module? Is that just the range Im going to get? or is it possible its my vtx? Thanks! Using a menaceRC bandicoot patch, a foxeer cp antenna, and a dipole on my kwad. Here is the DVR. No one else was flying at the time, and everything is verified to work. Unfortunately I can’t test my VTX with another goggle module, and its not the area i’m flying in either. same issue everywhere else. Can’t get far in my to story house before breakup. any ideas? thanks!


I noticed that antenna A is almost always the “active” one- the bar is white and the greenish yellow led is on the most on the main module, with the cp antenna. Is that a problem? also just factory reset it. Is that normal, the side with the main module being mainly on? Im wondering because im flying dipoles and I have a linear antenna on diversity module and a cp antenna on main and according to what ive read that means that the range should effectively be cut in half is mainly the cp antenna is working…


Yes, in theory, your CP antenna not being matched to your linear dipole would cut your range in half (but a lot of people fly that way and it seems to work fine for the most part). Try swapping your bandicoot with your CP antenna and see if the main or diversity module is selected.


One thing to note is that while you lose 2dBi going from dipole to cp, you lose a lot more than that going from a horizontal dipole to a vertical dipole. Dipole orientation changes hurt big time, while the CP is always just 2dBi (because it’s oriented in every direction already).

So give a dipole a whack, but don’t be surprised if CP beats it.


I tell you one thing when you do get it sorted your going to rip up some space. I’m having issues also but your still controlling it very well. Imagine a great signal. Awesome mate. :+1:


Thanks, Bobnova, that’s an excellent point. Here’s a website that gives the calculation for a linear polarization alignment mismatch. It says that if linear polarized antennas are mismatched in physical alignment by 45 degrees, you (theoretically) get a 3 dB loss - half your range - just like a mismatch of linear to circular polarized. With a mismatch of 90 degrees - like when you are standing up straight and the quad is turned sideways - the theoretical loss is infinite, with no signal getting to the receiver antenna. That’s not what happens in reality, but it is likely much, much more than 3 dB (this site throws out 20 dB actual loss in that case).

Sorry to temporarily hijack the thread, I was just curious and wanted to finish out the discussion that came up - if at least for future reference :- )

@skating_maker_fpv I’m still interested to hear what happens when you swap your patch antenna and your CP antenna on your goggles. Hopefully that would help diagnose which of the LaForge modules is having an issue, if that is the case.


@Bobnova @brianquad I messed around with the different antennas for a while and it seems that both modules work fine. I think my kwads antenna placement is super awkward, and thats what was giving me some issues. Previously my antenna was at a 45 degree angle, resulting in it pointing straight at my goggles when i’m flying fast, messing my signal up. @Addicted thanks for those kind words! I hope your issues work out.


Thanks for the replys lads really appreciate the input … Looks like I finally found the correct forum for whoop and help thanks again … I be back as he said lol