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Horizon Mode Experts - HALP!


So, @JBFPV got me hooked on Horizon mode at 30% with 50 Transition on my Makerfire Whoop, and I’ve been playing with this on my Torrent, and started thinking, how low can I take Transition? I lowered it from 50 to 25 and I like it even better. I can huck it over trees and it feels more “acro” with a little self-correction for racing around…

Now, what happens if I lower it more? Can you run it at 0? What would happen then?

Enquiring Qreacher’s want to know! :smiley:


From cleanflight github: (it was called horizon sensitivity before)

`This sets the percentage of your stick travel that should have self-leveling applied to it, so smaller values cause more of the stick area to fly using only the gyros. The default is 75%

For example, at a setting of “100” for sensitivity horizon, 100% self-leveling strength will be applied at center stick, 50% self-leveling will be applied at 50% stick, and no self-leveling will be applied at 100% stick. If sensitivity is decreased to 75, 100% self-leveling will be applied at center stick, 50% will be applied at 63% stick, and no self-leveling will be applied at 75% stick and onwards. `

So if you’d use transition 25 you’d have:
100% of your horizon strenght at center stick
50% of your horizon strenght at 12.5% stick
No self leveling from upwards of 25% stick

I just read about 2 CLI commands I wasn’t even aware of, they look useful for what I want to do. Name could have changed in newer versions but:

horizon_tilt_effect: Controls the effect the current inclination (tilt) has on self-leveling in the Horizon flight mode. Larger values result in less self-leveling (more “acro”) as the tilt of the vehicle increases. The default value of 75 provides good performance when doing large loops and fast-forward flight. With a value of 0 the strength of the self-leveling would be solely dependent on the stick position.

horizon_tilt_expert_mode OFF|ON: Sets the performance mode for ‘horizon_tilt_effect’

OFF = leveling always active when sticks centered:
This is the “safer” mode because the self-leveling is always active when the sticks are centered. So, when the vehicle is upside down (180 degrees) and the sticks are then centered, the vehicle will immediately be self-leveled to upright and flat. (Note that after this kind of very-fast 180-degree self-leveling, the heading of the vehicle can be unpredictable.)

ON = leveling can be totally off when inverted:
In this mode, the inclination (tilt) of the vehicle can fully “override” the self-leveling. In this mode, when the ‘horizon_tilt_effect’ parameter is set to around 75, and the vehicle is upside down (180 degrees) and the sticks are then centered, the vehicle is not self-leveled. This can be desirable for performing more-acrobatic maneuvers and potentially for 3D-mode flying. :scream:

so you could float inverted then catch it back into angle mode and fly through those tight places! Gotta try that out because thats were horizon starts to fight you if you try that right now! :joy:


I think you and I are wanting the exact same thing…Haha.

I will start looking at this commands too and report back.

Thanks so much for looking into this!


One of the things I love to do in Acro is to do a half back flip over a tree (and then watch it go by in my FOV) and float and then as I’m getting low, half-flip on the side to get upright and go under the tree…but mix that in with some awesome racing lines that self-leveling helps be precise…if @JBFPV uncovered this secret sauce, it might JUST be the thing I’m looking for.

As I’m wont to say: YAAAAAASSSSSS (in theory) :smiley:


Sorry for all the posts…it looks like it’s in Beta ATM…downloading HEX to put on my Torrent!



Well outside I just use acro mode, but for in our small living room I find horizon a lot easier for those super tiny spots like under the table between the chairs.

When this started I just wanted to be able to do a flip or roll with my tinywhoop and continue. Then it evolved into trying coffee table powerloops and the horizon started fighting back so I had to play with the settings.

The tilt effect would open up some new moves like hanging inverted, tapping the ceiling, wall rides! :joy:


I’ve been having some weird issues with my Makerfire FC so that’s the reason I flashed the Torrent with the beta this afternoon. I only did one 2s battery, but this expert horizon mode is AWESOME!!! I kept it at 75 and EXPERT.

I first just did some racing around my course as usual, and I couldn’t tell the difference (good) hitting lines and gaps and such, so then I hucked myself over a tree, did a half-back-flip waiting to see what would happen…and IT WORKED! Floated over the tree inverted and then flipped back, just like Acro.

I even did some practice punches with half-flips and it was perfect. Looking forward to trying it some more, and hopefully get my Makerfire back on track to try this on my 11 Whoop!


Following this @PJC,
Cause I’m just gonna say it…
I’m not good at acro.
I’m so much faster at my modded horizon, and I have more fun.
That’s why we do this, right?


@Kamsleo69, I understand. When I learned Acro, I did it by weaning off of Horizon. Started with strength at 50, then 40, etc., but I always liked the feel of Angle/Horizon for racing around. Now with this new Horizon, it feels like it’s the best of both worlds.

I went out again and ran a new 3s through the Torrent, and it’s a blast, but once you are upside down, or pointed 90 degrees or so, it’s Acro, so you can do bad things quickly…hahah…um, I might have blown all the blades off of one prop trying to dive a tree and hitting a branch…I will try to post some video soon, but I dig it.


Just wanted to chime in here - Thanks to @PJC, I flashed one of my my Scisky v1.2 with the Naze hex build, then actually enabled the ACC and played around with your settings…I like it so far - I might try some more daring maneuvers now that I have a “safety net” - we’ll see :slight_smile: Weather’s been sucky here lately…


That’s a great find and info. So many setup options in BF I’m not aware of.
I like to use horizon mode when flying my Whoops in tighter spaces (through the house out to my terrace and small garden back in through cellar or balcony…).
Will give horizon_tilt_effect and the related expert mode a try.


Some more observation. Upon arm, and you have Horizon or Angle on, it might “freak out”…you can see it happening right when it arms…Sometimes it just acts normal. So, now I always arm in Acro, wait, and then cycle through Angle and Horizon to make sure it just “goes to level” like it should.

Then I lower goggles and FLY!

I have been practicing these long and low-ish passes where you go fast kinda low, then invert, travel for a bit, and then flip back or other fun thing, and this mode handles it SO well. Backflips over a tree, then side flip down through the gap in the trees works just like Acro, but then when you go to recover Horizon kicks back in, and you are quick back and flow through my “natural gates” like traditional Angle/Horizon.

The only downside I’ve seen is that my Horizon mode is a little “looser” feeling…so 30% with 25 Trans feels more Acro-ish than when I didn’t do this mode. It’s not bad at all, and honestly it’s a great balance for me, so I don’t know how much experimentation I’ll do.


Hey @PJC, Have you noticed your CPU usage going up since flashing this updated 3.1.6?
I ask because prior to the upgrade, my usage was 35% with ACC enabled - now it’s 85%. If I disable the ACC, the usage goes back down to 9%.
I haven’t flashed back to the previous release as I still don’t like the feel of Horz - it flies great without the ACC enabled.
Just curious if you noticed anything similar.


Help, My quad disarms when i go past 90 degrees in horizon mode, i am using beta flight and i already messed with the angle limit, and it did nothing