Hooking up OSD to a VM275T?


I’m sure this is a simple question, but one of the brushed FC’s I’m going to play with has OSD built in, and was wondering if you can wire this up to the VM275T AIO?


First pic here:


Mmmm, i have one of those fc’s too, wainting for a frame to put it on. A little bit scared… too much magic smoke so far…


As far as the AIO wiring goes, the tricky part is clearing the plastic from the 3-pin harness on the left (facing forward), and then clipping that pin to shunt(?) your video wires to. Other than that, clearing the black insulation from the power leads on the bottom right is a pain, but optional – I did it to wire in power wires of my own, though I’ve simply spliced them in the past.

Aside from soldering the wires to the pads/pins, the only other work I did with an iron was to push half of the pin that I cut in half a little towards the back of the AIO so I could solder the green wire more easily.

Voltage going in doesn’t change, so there shouldn’t be any chance of frying things just because you did this hack.


Hehe thanks for cheering me up and for the info!!


I did as shown in the pic but for some reason left and right are mirrored… Kinda annoying, anyone got a fix?