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Honest and Final thought on Beebrain Lite frsky


Sup guys ! Hope you had a good day .

Today without planning it i did a FPV VLOG and reviewed the BEEBRAIN LITE frsky so if you wanna hear my final thought show me some love by just clicking this link below !

Im really not used to talk in from of a camera ,it happened once last year for zoroe FPV Panos Vassiliadis video contest .

Usually i upload directly my video on facebook but it a bit long for FB so i uploaded it direct to my youtube channel .

Hope you will Enjoy !

VLog and Full DVR footages !

Love you guys !

I still love SILVERWARE NFE from all my HEART ! This is all i fly but for the money ive spent on this FC i had to dig into it a bit more and it was GOLD !