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Holy crap why did I do this?!


So I picked up my first quad(s) just before Christmas. Three Hubsan X4’s. One for me, one for my wingman, and one for the teenager. We’ve become quite addicted. So far we’ve set up flight course with chairs, coat hangers, step ladders and anything else we can fly through. We’ve broken lots of props but we’re having lots of fun. We’re still struggling with objective when we’re not directly behind the damn thing.

Two or three days ago I fired the first shot in the arms race. I placed an order for a Dreamcatcher frame and a Bazaar Box. After spending far more time with a scale and a calculator than two grown men should who aren’t up to illicit activity, we placed an order for an Efficiency 80 frame for my wingman I’m afraid this is just the beginning of what will be a long drawn out process. Hopefully there will be something in that Bazaar box that will allow me to establish technical superiority for the near future. I’m currently looking for a decent transmitter if anyone has a line on something!


You’re all doomed.

I like my Devo 7e TX with DeviationTX on it, cheap and once I solder in some more radios it’ll speak pretty much everything.

My dad got me into it with a syma x11c, now there’s a tinywhoop arms race and a custom build 85-100ish arms race running in parallel.

It’s addictive.


If you have the time - wait a month.
There will maybe be a reasonably cheap FrSky Taranis model soon.

If you know that you will stay in the hobby for a long time already - FrSky Taranis X9D Plus. That’s what a lot of the racing pilots currently use. But it isn’t exactly cheap - the new Taranis Q X7 will probably be a lot cheaper: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2788263-NEW-Radio-Frsky-Taranis-Q-X7-what-do-we-know-so-far

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Welcome to the highly addictive world of micro quads.
Cool that you all found an activity you can enjoy together.
Be prepared, it gets worse but even more enjoyable when you start doing FPV.

A good hobby grade TX is one of the most important things to invest in.
Devo 7e is a good and cheap starting point. Little bit of tinkering and modding, but there are really good tutorials out there.
And here are a lot of helpful guys who’ll help you out if there are any questions or problems.

There are other good transmitters out here, depending on the rx protocol you’re wanna use. Some support additional modules (Taranis x9d plus, qx7…) some not (Spektrum DX6I, DX6, DX7 or the like).
Do some research and reading and ask your questions here. You surely will get some qualified answers.

Also be prepared to spend money and time to get the right tools and the ability how to use them. A good soldering iron/station is crucial.

Said all that, keep flying and enjoying your x4s and keep us posted. It’s just the start.
You’re not alone.


@bicyclewrench good for you, welcome to the world of quadcopters!

One of my favorite parts about flying is flying during the sunset or right before it sets when the colors of the clouds are all crazy looking, especially with family and friends. It’s always so much fun flying with friends and family, I hope you all enjoy the wonderful hobby!

But yeah you will find your quad fleet multiplying by rabbits. I named them all, and they are all my robot friends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you end up getting too many rabbits, there is a thread on here dedicated to that

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I’ve been looking at the Devo 10. It seems fairly universal as far as protocols go. I have a Graupner mz12 I like, but I have found I prefer to build things like the micro quads or micro indoor flyers. almost everything seems to be based on the DSMX protocol.

I should have mentioned. I got into foamboard planes ala Flitetest last year. Finding a safe place to fly something with a two or three foot wingspan that doesn’t hover has been a challenge. I hope to get back into it in the summer But I still need a real field to fly in. The local park just isn’t big enough. In the meantime I’ll be flying quads inside!


Oh, there you go throwing a wrench into it… Welcome to the quad party. Like @chrisdo and a few others noted, Devos will be good, but you know that. You’ll like the 10 if you go with it. You know you won’t need to mod it (Except firmware to Deviation) to run DSM2/X.

Which FCs and DSMX sat receivers have you looked at?

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I have thought about jumping in way over my head with Alien. So far I think we’re going to build one or two on the Hubson FC’s first. I have not done a lot of precision soldering. $13 boards seem like a better way to go till I’m sure I’m not going to fry one.

Yesterday my Dreamcatcher frame showed up. I built it during some free time at work. It flies quieter and smoother than the original Hubsan frame though handling seems a bit slower. Frank’s Efficiency 80 frame should be here in a couple days. I’m interested to see the difference in flight characteristics in the smaller frame with all else being equal.

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Yes!!! The “scientist” thoughts are flowing! Comparing the flight characteristics of different frames, trial and error, experimenting… You def belong in this hobby! And starting with soldering on cheaper FC boards first is a fantastic idea! No sense in throwing money away… (boy did I throw so much of it away learning how to solder…)

A few tips for building up your “soldering station”, or soldering gear …

soldering Iron - When it comes to soldering, I recommend getting an adjustable temp soldering iron… I bought mine off amazon for like 15 bucks, and it came with a lot of accessories including the right solder (60/40 tin/lead solder , which works great for small electronics.) This kit also comes with tweezers, a solder sucker pump, and a few other awesome accesroies…
this is the one I had purchased

Solder - use a good 60/40 tin/lead mix of solder (the solder that comes with that starter kit is also 60/40, and it RULES! For my purposes, its perfect for small electronic soldering jobs…

desoldering wick - This is a braided wick that will absorb solder in case you make a mistake… (the solder sucker pump works OKAY, but it is cheap and doesn’t work as efficiently as desoldering wick. It may also be called Desoldering braid. )

Flux - A FLUX pen, or flux paste, will also come in handy in your soldering kit. Applying some flux to the tips of what you are about to solder will help the solder absorb and flow through the wire, or joints easier waaaay easier…

helping hands - this item will hold whatever you are soldering in place, allowing you to have use of both of your hands more efficiently! If you cannot get a hold of some helping hands, you can also use tack putty to hold the item to be soldered in place. (or it can be called poster tack, tack glue, restickable tack, it is called multiple things… @denovich , thank you for that tip!)

The last item I would recommend would be some practice soldering kits from amazon. That way you can learn the proper temp settings for what type of solder you are using…

Certain types of solder will “melt” or flow" best at specific temperatures, so it is usually best to practice on one of those practice boards to learn what temp works best with that specific type of solder prior to actual doing any electronics soldering. (usually i find really low temps to work well with smaller electronic boards, but certain types of solder may require different temperatures to melt or flow efficiently. If your soldering iron tip is smoking excessively when applying the solder, and you notice the solder turning dark grey or brown, that means the temperate you are set to is too high for that type of solder…

Also it is handy to have a moist sponge near by to wipe off your soldering tip after every joint or so. A clean solder tip allows for the best solder jobs…

You could also practice the fine art of “tinning” your wires on any random old wire you find through out the house. :slight_smile: “Tinning” a wire is when you apply solder to the wire prior to soldering it to the board. This will allow the wire and the board to solder together perfectly. Sometimes it helps to apply some flux to the wire prior to tinning, so the solder can fully absorb into deep into the wire…

If you have any questions on anything, this community is the bomb.com.

Furious FPV "Nuke" Brushed Flight Controller Set-up Guide

Get a brass solder sponge. Get in the habit of dabbing your tip into it every time you go to solder. Like an ink well.

In contrast to a sponge, it’s easy on the tip. It doesn’t require you to roll the tip around. Doesn’t need watering… it’s just way better.

I like this style. I bought the Hakko one because it was pretty, only to find that it’s lightweight and scoots around the bench. I stuck in the spares and pulled this one back out
Xytronic Tip Cleaner with Non Corrosive Brass Wire Sponge, No water needed https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DDVY9Q4/


Do you know if it’s advisable to change the brass sponge bit? I got one about 8 months ago and it seems to noit clean properly anymore when it used to be great. Tried with various tips.


I take mine out and crumple it a bit to knock off loose solder, then stuff it back into its holder with a different side facing out.
You should get a few go-rounds of that before it needs replacement.


I think I’ve maybe gone that far already lol


lol, time for a new one!

Eventually it’s a skuzzy ball of solder and burnt up flux and it’s gotta go. They aren’t exactly big money, I kicked myself for waiting as long as I did last time.
I’m on my second now

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That’s the exact kit I’m using I do need to get some flux. We’re getting ready to order enough stuff to build a couple more quads. We’ve each started burning up motors so spares seem to be in order. That means connectors too. Oh and leds cause lights! The list keeps growing!

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Yes! Sounds like ur on the right track! Spare motors are without a doubt a must. Also, try to crash at zero throttle, this more than likely will help save your motors from burning out… ( I am collecting a pile of burnt out motors and boy is it growing fast lol )

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Chiming in way late on this I know, but I have to say that having gotten a Spektrum DX6e over the holidays I don’t know why I waited so long (except for the cost). Coming from a Turnigy 9X w/FrSky module. Everything about the DX6e is superior, except for one thing… no wired trainer port. So if you want to plug it in to your PC for playing sims, you’re out of luck. Really hoping they make a wireless adapter for it!

Welcome to the addictive hobby of microquads! Heaven forbid you get yourself one of them, yah know, Blade Inductrix thingies whistles and build yourself a tiny whoop. :smiley:


A good radio is probably my next major purchase. I kinda regret investing so heavily in Graupner. I think I have 5 or 6 receivers now. Flipping thru the set up menus I get the impression I can’t even fly a quad with it.

I’ve got research to do. I want to fly micro quads and micro fixed wing. FPV is also on my radar but I need more stick time first. I want something I won’t “outgrow” in the near future. In the end it’ll probably be whatever I feel is the best bang for the buck.


@bicyclewrench: Graupner is actually pretty good. They were one of the first to have telemetry built into their receivers (HoTT). They also have a cool RX (actually two now), which has a multirotor FC built into it (GR-18 and GR-10C). More recently, they’ve also launched their own line of brushed micro quads. Of note, you can buy their HoTT compatible brushed FC (Alpha 110 FC) as a spare part for $25. I imagine there are similar spares for micro wings.

Down the road, you can always pick up a Spektrum or a Taranis TX, if you want to join the DSMX or the FrSky bandwagon, respectively.

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Can I hit the like button more than once? Never occurred to me they had a brushed FC, which is dumb because I new they had a brushed quad. :blush:

I like the radio. It’s just not compatible with a lot of available stuff. Everything seems to be DSMX.

I only see “heli” or “airplane” as my options under model setup. Am I missing something? Will it fly quads?