High C 1S lipo?

Yeah I was mostly linking it for the battery, but Iโ€™m not sure about the flight time with 220 mah on 1102 motors. Should get some nice performance though if it can provide the amps :smiley:

Yeah. I saw your whoop videos and they are awesome! Making me double think switching to indoor brushless lol! What PID/Transition settings and AUW do you use? I never managed to get mine to do flips that well!

When Iโ€™ve picked up batts from Hobbyking they are sent at 3.8v

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Have you guys tried Venom or E-Flite lipos? I was thinking about getting a high capacity one then splitting for 1S for my FPV goggles.

I ordered some of these, supposed to be really good for amp hungry 1s quads :muscle:

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